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Monday, April 27, 2015

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee · April 27, 2015 with Lyndon LaRouche

LPAC Policy Committee · April 27, 2015


Weekly discussion with Lyndon LaRouche and the LPAC Policy Committee.... read more

U.S. Army goes to Bastrop Texas to answer questions on Jade Helm 15

Texas Special Forces Veterans Address County Commissioners And #ASOC About #JadeHelm15 | LibertasIntel


Bastrop County in Texas recalled the U.S. Army to Bastrop to answer questions regarding the upcoming exercise Jade Helm 15. The court room was overflowing into other areas of the building as citizens turned out in mass to grill a Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) representing the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. A civilian contractor was present who represented the training exercise earlier in the year to Bastrop County Commissioners but he fielded no direct questions.

keep reading here.....Texas Special Forces Veterans Address County Commissioners And #ASOC About #JadeHelm15 | LibertasIntel

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday April 27 2015

▶ What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday April 27 2015: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube


Ron Gibson

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Monday (4-27-15) Joel Gilbert & John Lott

▶ Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Monday (4-27-15) Joel Gilbert & John Lott - YouTube




Alex Jones Show: Monday (4-27-15) Joel Gilbert & John Lott

▶ Alex Jones Show: Monday (4-27-15) Joel Gilbert & John Lott - YouTube




this Monday, April 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the
latest on the civil unrest and race riots in Baltimore, Maryland over
the weekend, and the prospect of further violence and strife in the near
future as the social and cultural underpinnings of America continue to
erode and the National Guard and police prepare for more violence. We
also cover an interview by Infowars editor and host Paul Joseph Watson
on recent military drills in America aimed at dealing with domestic
dissent. On today’s worldwide broadcast, we talk with economist,
political commentator, and Second Amendment advocate John Lott, the
author of More Guns, Less Crime, The Bias Against Guns, and
Freedomnomics. We also talk with documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert. His
film Dreams From My Real Father, an alternative Barack Obama
"autobiography," offering a divergent theory of what may have shaped our
44th President's life and politics.
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ISIS update 4/27/2015..oil wells burn, car bombing, ground gained

Iraqi forces gain ground in Garma district

ISIL burns oil wells in Baiji, smoke covers Iraq's Salahuddin province

Car bombing in Iraq leaves at least 7 dead

Key Syrian domestic opposition activist flees to Spain

Yemen update 4/27/2015..Thousands of Yemeni protesters denounce Saudi aggression

Clashes grip Yemeni port city of Aden

Yemen's fighting intensifies as humanitarian crisis worsens

Thousands of Yemeni protesters denounce Saudi aggression

UN fmr. envoy: Yemenis were close to deal just before Saudi attack

The Debate - Saudi Arabia's ambitions for attacking Yemen

Tim Rifat on the Covert [attempted] Assassination of Jeff Rense

▶ The Covert Assassination of Jeff Rense - YouTube

Veterans Today reports ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi Dies in Israeli Hospital

ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi Dies in Israeli Hospital | Veterans Today

Pitch Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

TEHRAN (FNA)- Leader of the ISIL terrorist group Abu
Bakr al-Baghdadi has died and members of the Takfiri group in Iraq have
already sworn allegiance to Abu Ala Afri as his successor, Arab media
reports said on Sunday.
According to two Iraqi news agencies, Alghad Press
and Al-Youm Al-Thamen (the 8th Day), as well as sources in the Iraqi
city of Mosul, Baghdadi died in an Israeli hospital in the occupied
Golan Heights where he had been hospitalized for treatment after
sustaining severe injuries during a joint attack of the Iraqi army and
popular forces.
The sources added that al-Baghdadi has been declared by his Israeli physicians and surgeons as to be now “clinically dead”.
The terrorist leader was targeted in an airstrike in Western Iraq on March 18....more..ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi Dies in Israeli Hospital | Veterans Today

Syria News 27/4/2015 Russian Intelligence monitored direct contacts between terrorists & US Security Agencies' representatives

▶ Syria News 27/4/2015, Syrian Army kills tens to Chechnya terrorists in Jisr al-Shoughor - YouTube

Putin: US agents helped North Caucasus terrorists with transportation

▶ Putin: US agents helped North Caucasus terrorists with transportation - YouTube

Novorossia\Ukraine update 4\27\2015..Poroshenko! no decisions without Americans

Poroshenko! no decisions without Americans

NATO Doubles Its Help: Stoltenberg says NATO response force will number 30,000

EU-Ukraine Summit in Kyiv: EU Council Chief lays wreath at memorial to Euromaidan victims

European Union won't send armed force to Ukraine despite clashes

Ukraine's ceasefire under pressure, amid reports of servicemen killed

Fighting Intensifies: Fiercest fighting reported near Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine

Column of heavy equipment in Georgievka Luhansk region

Close Call With Novorossian Sniper Bullet For Ukrainian Soldier

Fire Show for Sparta Battalian, Donetsk

German TV showed life of Donetsk under shelling

04/26/2015 Donetsk, shelling of Kievsky district in the area of ​​the plant Tochmash at 18:30.

The situation in the DPR over the past weekend.

CNN Propaganda ISIS Chatter About Attacking California_jsnip4

REALIST NEWS - CNN (Propaganda) ISIS Chatter About Attacking California - YouTube

SOUTH FRONT 27.04.2015 Ukraine Crisis News. War in Ukraine. Donbass, Kiev, Russia, USA, Nepal

▶ 27.04.2015 Ukraine Crisis News. War in Ukraine. Donbass, Kiev, Russia, USA, Nepal - YouTube

Benjamin Fulford says Pentagon plays military card against China as Washington D.C. struggles for cash

Weekly geo-political news and analysis


The bankruptcy of the West was postponed again last week with fudged accounting keeping both Washington D.C. and Greece (therefore the EU) from defaulting as high stakes negotiations over a new financial system continue.

To bolster is bargaining position, the Pentagon is undertaking some large scale moves against China. Pentagon sources say last week’s earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic waves. The aim was to send a message to both China and India prior to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s planned trip to India next month, the sources say. The basic message was “only the Pentagon can defend India against China.”

This demonstration was part of a concerted push by the Pentagon to get India, Russia, China and Japan to see recent Chinese moves in the South China Sea as evidence China is an aggressor that needs to be contained. As a part of this push, the Pentagon is about to announce an end to its arms embargo against Vietnam and the construction of 8 US military bases in the Philippines, the sources continued. The Pentagon sources say that deep seated Russian fears of the “yellow peril” are coming to the surface again and that Russia will cooperate with them against China militarily.

The background to all this bluster is the fact that Washington D.C., the Pentagon’s current paymaster, failed to make a payment due to the rest of the world at the end of March (as mentioned in this newsletter last week). Now the corporate media and the US Treasury Department have confirmed the US has been pretending its debts have stopped increasing since March 15th.

In other words, they are cooking their books.

The same is true of the Eurozone where the Greek crisis continues to fester on the back burner in order to prevent the Euro from collapsing.
The background to this is ongoing top secret negotiations between Western and Eastern secret societies, At these talks, according to White Dragon Society, US and Asian sources, there has been a lot of movement and a basic framework based on setting up a new meritocratic agency to take over the functions of the IMF and World Bank has been agreed to. There is still a lot that cannot be revealed to the public in order to prevent the negotiations from being sabotaged. However, the British Commonwealth, the Vatican, the Chinese, the Pentagon and the BRICS agree on the broad principles.

Confirmation of this can be seen at many levels now. As mentioned last week, the Vatican will be discussing this issue at a high level forum starting April 28th. Now Alcuin and Flutterby, a site believed to be linked to British Intelligence, has come out with a detailed essay explain how democracy in the US was taken over by oligarchy and proposing meritocracy as a solution.

There are now high level financial documents and hand-written notes being passed along on a strictly analogue basis to prepare for the announcement of this new organization and system. Analogue communications, however, while secure from snooping eyes, are also slow so, it is still too early to try to put a precise date on when all this will become public.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon run site Veteran’s today has been providing very detailed and continuous intelligence dumps about the Khazarian mafia oligarchy that stole the Republic of the United States of America from its people.

The Khazarians are therefore fighting for their lives so, there are also now more undeniable signs of a civil war within the US military industrial complex. This has been noticed by both the Pentagon and the Russians. There are US military factions fighting both for and against the Syrian government, for example, according to both sources. Now Egypt, having been ordered by the Pentagon not to defend Saudi Arabia, is preparing to invade Libya, according to Mossad sources. The Europeans have offered the Egyptians control of Libya’s oil fields in exchange for getting their help in stopping massive floods of African refuges from entering Europe courtesy of ISIS. Then in Iraq as well, there continues to be a complex game unfolding with Western mercenaries fighting both for and against the Israeli/Saudi ISIS proxy army.

The end game is expected to be a moderate Sufi Muslim federation in the Middle East and an end to the ancient Sunni/Shia split. This split, by the way, had been mostly resolved until the 20th century when the Khazarians started picking at old scabs in order to divide and conquer the Middle East.

This week will also witness a performance in Washington D.C. by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He was invited to speak at a joint session of both the US Senate and Congress by the same Khazarian puppet masters who arranged for Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s recent speech there. Abe was invited to read a speech (written by his puppet masters Michael Green, Richard Armitage, Gerald Curtis et al) as a reward for stealing money from the Japanese National Pension Fund, Postal Savings and the Agricultural Bank (Norinchukin) in order to stave off his Khazarian master’s bankruptcy.

However, we are hearing that Abe was prevented by Japanese nationalists from fully signing over Japan’s sovereignty by agreeing to place oligarch controlled courts above the Japanese government as stipulated by the TPP agreement the Khazarians are trying to foist on Japan. In other words, Abe’s visit will be high on performance and low on content.

South Korea, meanwhile is moving far more decisively against the Khazarians than Abe’s Japanese slave government is willing to. There were more than mere financial interests (Chinese money) behind their decision to defy the US and join the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. April 16th was the first anniversary of a ferry disaster that led to the disappearance of close to 300 elite Korean high school students. Korean Royal Family sources say almost no bodies were recovered from the ferry. If we recall the incident, early reports said the sinking started with an explosion. Later reports failed to mention this.

Furthermore, there were reports of unknown submarines in the area at the time. The Nazis are known to have retained a worldwide submarine network after World War 2. The Nazis also took several thousand scientists and many blonde women between the ages to 16 and 24 to some secret destination in the Southern hemisphere during World War 2. What follows is speculation but, there is a good chance these young Koreans were kidnapped for breeding purposes by the Nazis. It would make sense since the original Nazi obsession with “pure Aryan blood” would have led to inbreeding and genetic decay. Someday all this should come to light.

There was another X-files type incident last week in the United States. According to this article

police in Colorado reported that a man “killed” his computer. This article may be a spoof but, it is a fact that at this point in development a police officer might well consider that shooting a computer was equivalent to “killing it.” In other words, we are entering an unknown ethical world as we deal with relations between humans and increasingly human like artificial intelligence. At what point will abusing a robot or sex doll be put on the same legal level as animal abuse? When will it be considered murder to shoot a computer? These are issues we need to take seriously as computers begin to overtake humans on more and more levels.

The Chinese have also entered a hitherto taboo zone recently when, for the first time, they tried to alter the genes of a human embryo. While computers double in processing power every two years, humans are forbidden from improving their own genome. If the Chinese start manufacturing super geniuses in large quantities through genetic engineering, will the rest of us be condemned to follow the fate of Neanderthals and be replaced by genetically enhanced homo Sinensis?

The world needs to rapidly come up with new organizational structures to deal with the unknown new world we are entering as the old system continues its inevitable collapse. These are the sort of issues a meritocracy could cope with but our current systems cannot.

US trained force joins Al Qaeda and march on Damascus_Gordon Duff

US Trained Force Joins Al Qaeda, Marches on Damascus | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Yesterday, a 1200 man force invaded Syria from Turkey, a force armed with American M16 rifles, the latest TOW missiles and advanced Stinger air defense systems. The roads are strewn with burning Syrian tanks while the Syrian Air Force tries to slow their advance through the city of Idlib and into Syria. The armored brigade that invaded Syria was the first unit trained by the US under the command of General John Allen.

This unit was supposed to fight ISIS and Al Nusra. Instead, perhaps no surprise to many, it immediately changed sides and attacked the Syrian Army, doing exactly what General Allen had promised the Atlantic Council would and could never happen. Was this another American failure or something more sinister?

500 Tow Missiles from Israel

It was clear that American training had centered on the TOW missile. These $60,000 weapons rained down on Syrian forces with great accuracy. The preponderance of advance American heavy weapons was a surprise to the Syrians. It shouldn’t have been, the TOW missiles had been shipped to Israel by the Department of Defense to be stored as an American stockpile, a huge weapons “slush fund” containing between $2 and $7 billion in bombs, missiles, even mobile artillery and aircraft, a “kitty” Israel can draw upon at need, a long secret protocol between the Reagan administration intended as an offset for the Iran Contra weapons that went to Iran.

Israel currently has remaining American owned stocks of up to 4000 TOW missiles, all unaccounted as military or foreign aid, missiles that have been entering Iraq and Syria for the past 18 months, killing both Iraqi and Syrian tanks and helicopters along with destroying fortified positions. These weapons have been key to the success of ISIS and have been significant in destroying the morale of the Iraqi it all here ...US Trained Force Joins Al Qaeda, Marches on Damascus | Veterans Today

....... What is most frightening is that the thousands of TOW missiles that Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and ISIS have received from Israeli stocks are currently being replenished by the United States under agreements to replace expended military equipment used by Israel.

America’s Game

It is clear why today’s attack occurred. The Syrian Army has, for some weeks now, been largely deployed to the South, in order to blockade the flow of jihadists and heavy weapons flowing in through Jordan from Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israeli backed counter-attacks began with an air assault this week on the outskirts of Damascus, against Syrian Army units near Daara in the South and on military units operating near the Lebanon border well north of Damascus.

The combined assault, Al Nusra’s new American trained armored brigade crosses from Turkey, Israel ties down the Syrian Army in the south with air assaults while Saudi backed terrorists gain a foothold in Lebanon. Though Saudi Arabia has given Lebanon $3bn for French weapons, ostensibly to strengthen the Beirut government against the militias, it is more likely their real aim to use Lebanon as an anvil as Turkish and Israeli forces descend on Damascus. This is a more realistic assessment of what is seen than many want to admit.

"Militants claim to capture army base in Syria’s Idlib province">

Al-Qaida, Allies Take Strategic Town in Northwest Syria

Intense Heavy Clashes As The Levant Front Advances Into Idlib

Saudi warplanes shells 2 districts in Sa'ada province

▶ Saudi warplanes shells 2 districts in Sa'ada province - YouTube


Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with its military offensive against Yemen. The civilian death toll from more than a month of military aggression against the impoverished nation is rapidly rising. The latest attacks have targeted the districts of Malahidh, Manzalah and Safra in the northern Sa'ada province and a district in Abyan governorate. Both Saudi artillery and warplanes were involved in the attacks that reportedly left a number of Yemeni soldiers and Houthi fighters dead. Nearly three thousand people, mostly civilians, have been killed since Riyadh began pounding Yemen on Mach 26. The country’s infrastructure and residential areas have been hit hard. Meanwhile, the camp of fugitive former president has rejected a call for peace talks, despite the growing civilian casualties

United Nations' former envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, accuses Saudi Arabia of derailing political process in Yemen

The United Nations' former envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, has accused Saudi Arabia of derailing the political process in the Arab country by conducting airstrikes. According to the veteran Moroccan diplomat, Yemen’s political factions and tribes were on the verge of a power-sharing deal just before Riyadh started its military campaign in late March. He added that Saudi Arabia, its allies and some Yemeni political groups, are opposed to some terms of a UN-backed deal, regarding the role of presidency. Another UN diplomat close to the talks, has echoed Benomar’s remarks, saying that Riyadh intervened to prevent a deal that would include the Ansarullah movement and would guarantee more political powers for women. Jamal Benomar was forced to resign two weeks ago under pressure from Saudi Arabia and its allies.

Nepal drone reveals extent of earthquake devastation; Death toll rises above 4100

▶ Nepal drone reveals extent of earthquake devastation - YouTube

Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 4100

Happy 100th Anniversary, Poison Gas! _James Corbett

▶ Happy 100th Anniversary, Poison Gas! - YouTube

192 killed in fresh clashes between Ansarullah fighters, Hadi supporters; We don’t need Saudi humanitarian aid’

‘We don’t need Saudi humanitarian aid’ – Yemen conflict intensifies - YouTube