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Thursday, August 21, 2014

X22Report Warning: DHS Preparing For 'National Day Of Rage' - Episode 447

Warning: DHS Preparing For 'National Day Of Rage' - Episode 447 - YouTube


Published on Aug 21, 2014
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Report date: 8.21.2014

zone business growth is imploding on itself. Retail stores are showing
traffic,sales and profits are down in the economic recovery. US homes
sales are down compared to a year ago. The biggest increase are in home
that sell for 1 million plus. It seems the government used a kill switch
to stop live feeds. DHS has put out a warning and are preparing for a
national day of rage. The Islamic State video of James Foley is a fake,
this is being used to get troops back into the middle east and to get
into Syria. Government officials are now calling for war, to take the
Islamic State.

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Get Ready! Paid Mercenaries Being Deployed to Ferguson! False Flag Alert

Thousands mourn Hamas commanders in Gaza

How to Stop Someone with a Knife without Killing Them

CNN Caught Staging 'ISIS IS HERE! ' Psyop In Ferguson

Published on Aug 21, 2014

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Thursday August 21 2014

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Thursday August 21 2014

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Thursday (8-21-14) Richard Gage

Alex Jones Show - Commercial Free Podcast: Thursday (8-21-14) Richard Gage - YouTube


Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-21-14) Richard Gage

Alex Jones Show: Thursday (8-21-14) Richard Gage - YouTube

On this Thursday, August 21 edition
of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the move toward a Syrian
intervention by the U.S. as the establishment media sensationalizes the
James Foley beheading and the threat of ISIS and its reach. He also
breaks down the latest on the protests and attacks on journalists in
Ferguson, Missouri as Attorney General Eric Holder comes to town and a
grand jury investigates the Michael Brown shooting. On today's worldwide
broadcast, Alex talks with San Francisco Bay Area architect and
founding member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Richard
Gage. Alex also talks with Dr. Edward Group in-studio. Dr. Group founded
Global Healing Center in 1998 and currently serves as Chief Executive
Officer. Dr. Group is at the forefront of the research and development
team at the center and assumes a hands-on approach to producing new and
advanced degenerative disease products and information.

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Lyndon LaRouche says Bill Clinton Could Save the United States

LaRouche: Bill Clinton Could Save the United States

Upon reviewing the political developments occurring in Eurasia, in Europe, in South America and in the United States, Lyndon LaRouche declared that the only U.S. political figure who could bring the United States on par with this rapidly shifting global dynamic, is Bill Clinton, particularly the former President's comprehension, back in 1999, that the world "needs a new financial architecture."

Mr. LaRouche asked, "the question is: how are we going to handle the situation, in such a way that Bill Clinton is going to be able to be the lever that causes the dumping of Boehner and so forth, and a lot of other things that need to be removed. And to take that very seriously because that has to be a very serious commitment. Without it, you don't have a nation. He's a very far-thinking person, so he already knows that I said. He'll settle himself in.

"We are in a situation where we have the ability, the means, in order to set control over the United States. We're at that point right now, that the only agency which is functioning as a Presidential feature, not as a candidate, but as a feature, a Presidential feature, who is capable of mobilizing enough of the U.S. population, to create a Presidency of the quality needed. That is Bill Clinton and there is no one else presently on the scene or in sight, who's capable of playing that problem. That's where we are."

"And "Boner," these creeps, do you think any of those creeps, that are crawling around the Congress right now, the Senate and so forth, do you think any of these creeps are worth anything? Do you think you want any of them, to be a leadership, a part of the leadership, of the United States government? Are you not determined that no such creature shall come near the Presidency?

"Governments are created, they are not made, and we have to {create} a government. We have one candidate who at this point is capable, of leading that charge, and that is Bill Clinton, not his poor wife, who's sodden in various ways. She's not important. {She has no historic importance in history at this time.} And all we have is a guy who was once a President, who is not running for President right now, but who is going to be, the determinant of the Presidency of the United States, or else. Or else, there's nothing. That's the situation as it stands right now."

GRAPHIC: Witness video of deadly St. Louis police shooting - Is it Murder?

James Foley Beheading: What They’re Not Telling You

» James Foley Beheading: What They’re Not Telling You Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Kiev Junta Nazitional Guard Terrorizes Lugansk with Mortarfire on Civilians

CDC says it creates, spreads fatal flu, kept it secret, accidently on purpose

Syria News 21/8/2014, Hasaka governorate sets up a refugee camp for displaced Ir...

Ferguson Protest is Fake - Planned to cover for Ukraine/Syria/Iraq/Palestine War Crimes and bring in Emergency Police Powers

Protest the Wars or actively subjugate those warmongers at the helm, dont waste another minute on Ferguson

The Dance of the WW3 Facilitating Genocidal Massmurdering Fascists

Obama and Poroshenko getting down while harboring genocidal nuclear war intentions for the world. Who will crush these clowns before they destroy us all?

Summary of Novorussia news 21.08.2014

Operation Hornets Nest: Alleged Snowden document says US/UK/Israel are behind ISIS

Operation Hornets Nest: Alleged Snowden document says US/UK/Israel are behind ISIS

From Gulf Daily News…

The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech..


1) ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was once a super-high level prisoner of the US government. Despite the fact that the US had offered a ten million dollar reward for him, the Obama regime ordered his release in 2009.

2) The Obama regime, with major support from Senate neo-cons John McCain and Lindsey Graham, gave hundreds of millions in military aid to Sunni Jihadists in Syria. Thousands of individuals receiving US aid are now members of ISIS. In fact, ISIS has even posted pictures of ISIS fighters with US Senator John McCain on the internet.

3) Israel has directly aided Sunni Jihadists in Syria by bombing Syrian military assets during Jihadist attacks.

4) The Israeli Prime Minister has reacted to the ISIS spearheaded Sunni/Shia Civil War in Iraq with borderline glee. The president of Israel has also suggested that a Sunni/Shia war is beneficial to the future of Israel.

5) The US and Britiain provided Sunni Jihadists with Toyota trucks in Syria. When, an army of ISIS fighters rolled over the Syria/Iraq border it looked like a commercial for Toyota. says Yes, this is a conspiracy theory......... like 9/11, vaccines and global warming.      

Thurs 08/21/2014 #FalseFlag Weekly News

▶ Thurs 08/21/2014 False Flag Weekly News - YouTube