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Saturday, September 24, 2016

PressTV Debate Syria Elusive Solution

The Debate - Syria Elusive Solution - YouTube

clif high discusses the non debate debate and the destruction of illusion!

non debate debate : destruction of illusion! - YouTube


Our most recently processed data sets are describing the 'presidential
debate' as resulting in the 'destruction of illusion'. Lots and lots and
lots of new data around that meme, but very few items in the data to
suggest that the debate will take place. Short synopsis of latest data

ALTA report ||clif high|predictive linguistics

Keith Scott Shooting 3 Camera Angles (Dashcam,Bodycam,Wife)

Keith Scott Shooting 3 Camera Angles (Dashcam,Bodycam,Wife) - YouTube

USA: Body camera footage shows Keith Scott shooting

GRAPHIC: Dash cam video from Keith Scott shooting in Charlotte

Palestinian/ Israeli update 9/24/2016.. Mideast Quartet opposes Israel's settlement activity

Mideast Quartet opposes Israel's settlement activity

Facebook disables accounts of Palestinian editors | The Electronic Intifada

Editors at two of the most widely read Palestinian online publications have had their Facebook accounts disabled.

Administrators for the Facebook pages of Quds, which has more than five million “likes,” and Shehab News Agency, which has more than six million, found they could not access their accounts on Friday.

Ezz al-Din al-Akhras, a supervisor at Quds, told The Electronic Intifada that at around 2pm, three of the publication’s editors found their accounts disabled.

The same thing has happened to five editors at Shehab News Agency, a news editor for that publication told The Electronic Intifada.

Both organizations are still publishing to Facebook as some editors can still access their accounts.


Quds provided this screenshot showing what happened when one of their adminstrators tried to log in to his Facebook account.

Both believe that the suspensions are directly related to an agreement between Facebook and the Israeli government to collaborate in monitoring what Israel claims is “incitement” by Palestinians.

“The joint Facebook-Israel censorship efforts, needless to say, will be directed at Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians who oppose Israeli occupation,” The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald wrote of the agreement earlier this month.

“There has been no given reason for closing the accounts,” Quds’ al-Akhras said. “We believe this is the result of the agreement between Israel and Facebook. It is very strange that Facebook would take part in such an agreement, given that it is supposed to be a platform for free expression and journalism.”

Al-Akhras said that it was particularly dismaying that Facebook would take this action as Quds got its start in 2011 as a Facebook-only platform.

It only launched its own website and began using other social media platforms later on.

“We learned what journalism and freedom of expression are using Facebook,” al-Akhras said, adding that Quds was the first Palestinian publication to systematically use the platform for crowdsourcing news and verifying events all over Palestine.

Its reports, usually accompanied by photos and videos, are frequently cited by The Electronic Intifada.

read more here................Jailing journalists

Yemen / Saudi update 9 24 2016...US weapons sales to Saudi not just for profit

Yemeni forces break into Nahooqah Saudi post West of Najran

Fresh Saudi airstrike against Yemen leaves nine civilians dead

Saudi Arabia's War Crimes In Yemen Don't Stop The US From Arming It

US weapons sales to Saudi not just for profit: Analyst

Unreported World: Yemen's forgotten war

Trump update 9/24/2016.. Trump Bringing Bill's Mistress, Jennifer Flowers to DEBATE

Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Roanoke, Virginia (9-24-16)

Hillary Falls On Her Face In Charlotte ... Politically


Confusion in the polling ranks

Dobbs: Democratic Party, Clinton Cartel are still manipulating votes, history

New Clinton Ad Hits #LoserDonald On Misogyny


PUTIN calls TRUMP 'flamboyant' (COMRADE!) "Evidence of TRUMP maybe works to him" 2016

Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump Monday: WTF?!!
David Seaman

Trump Bringing Bill's Mistress, Jennifer Flowers to DEBATE MONDAY NIGHT.

Bill Clinton's Ex-Girlfriend, Gennifer Flowers, Confirms She Will "Definitely Be At The Debate"

Trump said earlier this week that he did not plan to bring up the Clintons’ marriage at the debate. “I don’t think I’m looking to do that Bill. I don’t know what I’m going to do that exactly,” Trump said during an interview on “The O’Reilly Factor.” “It depends on what level she hits you with, if she’s fair, if it’s unfair, but certainly I’m not looking to do that.” That may have changed, however. To be sure, Saturday isn't the first time Trump has referenced Bill Clinton's infidelity. He brought the former president's sex scandals into the campaign late last year around the time Hillary Clinton announced her husband would join her on the campaign trail. At the time, she had recently accused Trump of having a "penchant for sexism" over his charge that she had been "schlonged" in the 2008 primary. "Hillary Clinton has announced that she is letting her husband out to campaign but HE'S DEMONSTRATED A PENCHANT FOR SEXISM, so inappropriate!" Trump tweeted in December. Trump later labeled Clinton "one of the great women abusers of all time." Sure enough, just to make Monday's debate even more memorable, moments ago Gennifer Flowers confirmed she will be at the debate.

Les Deplorables: Information Clearing House - ICH

By Pepe Escobar

September 23, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Sputnik" - Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath at the (circus) best American “democracy” is able to conjure.

The first cage match this coming Monday between a Queen of War profiting from a mighty (Clinton) Cash Machine and a billionaire uber-narcissist adored by a “basket of deplorables”.

This is a circus quite fitting for a self-described “indispensable nation” where “evil” has been propelled – seriously – to the status of philosophical category.

For the basket of deplorables, and even beyond their circle, the temptation is immense to equate voting for Donald Trump with raising a finger against the establishment.

Ultra-savvy at playing mainstream media for invaluable free publicity, elevating Outrageousness to an art form and being impervious to irony and derision, Trump has been a master at tapping wave after wave of anger against the new liberal elite — including a nomenklatura of crypto-intellectual Ivy league-educated “experts” who could not give a damn about understanding the (real world) consequences of United States Government (USG) policies. The anger is manifested by declassified blue collars, the unemployed, the functionally illiterate, white trash. Whatever you call them, they are the excluded form the Neoliberal Banquet, not only economically but also culturally. But this being Trump, a master of self-promotion, the battle is more like Ego against The Establishment. And it gets juicier when we learn from powerful, discreet New York-based interests – supporters of Trump’s platform — about who’s really winning:

“The Trump campaign is hardly spending any money at all and holding all over. They may use their money in the last month after the debates if Hillary recovers for those debates from what appears to be an attack of Parkinson’s. He has a shot though no matter who wins I predict there will be peace with Russia; the oil price will rise; imports from Asia of military parts will be repatriated and rigging of currencies is over; there will be offsetting measures to stop the flood of immigrants and products under mis-valued currencies. The masters do not lose.”

The “masters” are of course the Masters of the Universe who really run the USG.

And here’s the clincher on how’s in control:

“Both sides are controlled and that explains everything. Lenin said that the way to defeat our opponents is to take over their leadership of the opponent. Look at the Moral Majority which Jerry Falwell disbanded when it became too powerful. Look at Ross Perot who exited when he started making a real dent. Both were taken care of and Ross made money out of it.”

“Their internal lingo for it is the concept of “dynamic silence”. This is a technique by the masters to block out all news coverage of let’s say a Nazi so that he could gain no following. That they could have done to Trump if he were not theirs. Who could have complained? He was just an apolitical real estate operator that no one was interested in.”

“So what do we have in the end? An entertaining gladiatorial contest that they control both sides of and the winner gets all the money — as with the Clinton Foundation. And the public is no wiser.”

The 24/7 Circus Maximus

There are subtle gradations to this scenario. Rothschild interests are not supporting Trump – according to these well-connected sources, because Trump has not been anointed by the club and is thus unreliable. They recall, for instance, how “Greenspan was so incompetent that Wall Street leaders had to give him trades so he could make money before they put him as the head of Federal Reserve. Then he was so out of it that they had to direct his every move as he had no comprehension what they do.” “They”, of course, meaning Rothschild interests. On the Cold War 2.0 front, things are even hazier. Since 2010, when Obama was ordered to keep the US nuclear first-strike strategy, Russia and China know where this is heading. It’s no wonder Trump is being relentlessly attacked as Putin’s own Trojan Horse – because he’s against Cold War 2.0 and the demonization of Russia.

But the Pentagon’s strident Ash Carter, soon out of a job, is one thing; another thing entirely is what the Masters of the Universe really want, according to these Trump-supporting sources; “Hillary would be following Trump’s guidelines should she win, as the US military will explain to her that she has no other options based on Russian military superiority in submarines, and defensive and offensive missiles. Trump’s policies are wise.”

There’s even a P.R. move that could literally devastate the already wobbly Hillary campaign:

“Hillary’s reckless threats against Russia, risking nuclear war, could bring back the Lyndon Johnson TV ads against Goldwater by Donald Trump, where we had a little child in a meadow picking flowers while a nuclear bomb goes off. It was an ad of genius and destroyed Goldwater. The first strike nuclear attack policy and the reckless provocations combine to form an excellent Johnson style ad. This time Trump can use it against the Democrats, who have created almost all the wars in the last 125 years.”

The daisy cutter ad is here.

A Force for Farce?

Even considering that virtually the whole US establishment – from the Beltway nomenklatura to Wall Street — is arrayed against him, the jury is still out on whether Trump is a real threat to their interests.

Because Trump could also be the perfect Trojan Horse. Evidence relies for instance on his appointment of perfect insiders Larry Kudlow and Steven Moore as his senior economic advisors. That’s the Trump as a Force for Farce scenario. So “dynamic silence” seems to be the rule. Here’s how dynamic silence works; “If you oppose those above the President, the news media blacks you out and the masses do not hear anything, so how can they be stirred up? Donald is an insider and he represents the military industrial complex including the CIA, DIA, etc. They will deny it, of course, so they have deniability and he can say he is against the establishment when he is an insider.”

“That is the first line of defense. If you manage to outsmart them, then they characterize you as a nut. That is the second line of defense.

Now, if you persist in making them uncomfortable, then you end up as William Colby, Vince Forster or Jack Kennedy. Richard Nixon was ousted and he went quietly so that, to quote Tricky Dick, “I am not going to end up as Jack” as he went out the back door of the White House.”

“The key here is Donald is receiving more publicity than Hillary, and by attacking him for being an America Firster his polls have risen dramatically. The public loves it so the Masters of the Universe are helping him. The military industries have to be repatriated as we no longer control the seas and this will require either currency adjustments or tariffs. Hence, Donald’s correct calls for an end to currency rigging which had as part of their purpose the building up of Germany and Japan at the sacrifice of our industries. Absurd that we did that but that is how it was. That is ending now with Donald and the emergency situation of lack of control of the Pacific Ocean for the component transportation by sea for our military production. Japan and Germany will be cut loose.”

“Brzezinski said that if any opponent leaps ahead of the United States militarily, the US ceases to be a global power. That is the case and the military knows it. And Trump knows it or he would not have said that much. They need a crash program to catch up. That costs big money. It will probably require force and base reductions and an increase in technological expenditure in a massive way. That is what the Russians did. They can obtain this from massively reducing the welfare transfers on illegal immigrants. That is what Donald is committed to.”

If this analysis is correct, it ties in with Trump’s push to organize an immediate rapprochement with Russia in case he’s elected, so the US industrial-military-surveillance complex can catch up and at least try to remedy the danger of losing the next war Hillary and her own neocon bag of deplorables are so bullish on.

As we approach the first cage match, the jury is still out on whether the Queen of War may lose the election because millennials absolutely detest her, because the “basket of deplorables” absolutely detests her, or both.

But one thing seems to be certain in the whole Les Deplorables saga – at least for those Masters of the Universe-connected sources; who the real winner will be. So let’s give them the last word, for now; “It will be very difficult for Hillary to beat Trump in a debate as he is quick on his feet and will take no prisoners. Let me say this. If Hillary were to win, and we don’t think she will, she will do what she is told and follow the same policies as Trump would.

Is Kim K Voting For Donald Trump?

Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump

Careful observers of European politics might be forgiven for asking if — behind the exclamation of shock and horror over the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency — they don’t detect the occasional wry smile or hint of giddiness when the conversation turns to the U.S. Republican presidential candidate. To be sure, hardly a day goes by without some senior European official voicing grave concerns over the possibility that Trump might win the elections. European Parliament President Martin Schulz warned recently that Trump “would be a problem not just for the EU but for the whole world.” And yet, in some quarters at least, the Trump cloud carries with it at least a sliver of silver lining. No European politician will say so publicly, but to some on the Continent, Trump presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for emancipation from American influence.

To varying degrees, America-bashing has been a mainstay on both the Right and Left of European politics for decades. From GMOs to Guantanamo, from the drone war to the death penalty, European politicians have rarely had difficulty finding reasons to rail against the U.S. In fact, the evils of U.S. influence is one of the few things that European politicians from nearly every slice of the political spectrum can agree upon. In Germany, for example, one is just as likely to see an “Ami Go Home” (Ami is German slang for American) poster at a rally for the Left party as at a gathering of the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Just as the EU served as a convenient whipping post for British politicians of all stripes in recent decades, culminating in the Brexit vote, the U.S. serves a similar purpose for many European politicians. Even those who profess a deep commitment to the transatlantic relationship often can’t resist using the U.S. as a rhetorical foil to deflect attention from their own vulnerabilities. As long as moderate politicians occupy the White House, anti-American politicians will find it difficult to turn their rhetoric into reality. A Trump presidency would force a rethink.

Jim Fetzer and Jeff Rense on pre-debate craziness

Fetzer & Rense ~ Pre-Debate Craziness - YouTube

21 Reasons Why So Many People Hate Hillary Clinton

21 Reasons Why So Many People Hate Hillary Clinton - YouTube

Corbyn re-elected as Britain’s Labour leader

Corbyn re-elected as Britain’s Labour leader - YouTube


Supporters in the city of Liverpool cheered as official results confirmed Corbyn has defeated his rival Owen Smith with 61-point-8 percent of the vote to 38-point-2 percent. Ahead of the announcement, Corbyn reached out to the supporters of his rival Smith and called for unity among party members. Corbyn was elected for the first time last year with a strong support of the party members and trade unions. But the majority of the labour MPs, turned against him after the June referendum vote to leave the EU. They accuse Corbyn of failing to campaign hard enough to keep Britain in the European Union.

Special Report from Sister Ciara..World War III Has Begun As “Red October” Event Nears

World War III Has Begun As “Red October” Event Nears

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Developed the two pillars of modern physics; the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Special Report from Sister Ciara

In July of 1943, the great “leaders” of the Allied Powers decided that the Germany city of Hamburg needed to be eradicated from the face of the earth—and so began the fittingly named Operation Gomorrah that saw British and American bombers create one of the largest firestorms our world has ever seen, and that besides destroying this historic city, killed nearly 43,000 innocent civilians and left scared for life another 37,000 more.

Nearly 20 years later, in 1962, I was preparing to begin university in Hamburg, where I had lived for most of life as I was the child of Celtic Christian missionaries, when on the night of 16 February this city was destroyed again—this time by water in what is now known as The Great Flood.

Though I had not witnessed the destruction of Hamburg in 1943, my father, who had, related to me that the “visions” of the hopelessness among the people I saw in 1962 was like those of the survivors two decades previous—but as our family were all adherents of the Seven Distinctives of our Celtic Christian faith, the first precept that flooded into mind was: Hope - Looks first for the good rather than the evil in all things.

Now I’m relating this story to you today because of the truest words I’ve heard in years, that do not come from anyone I personally know, but are nevertheless the most important ones you’ll hear today—“World War III has already begun”.

As you read these words that World War III has begun, and whose first major battlefield is in Syria, the main belligerent in this conflict, the United States, is furiously trying to cover-up its unprovoked attack upon an aid convoy—and whose military leaders are in open rebellion against President Obama’s authority when they said this week that that may or we may not comply with the ceasefire agreed to between the Russians and Americans.

From the many messages from our sources we’ve been able read about this war, as well as a growing number of press reports, we’re not able to tell you whose in charge of America anymore—as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford, said this week that “for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia”, but was immediately countered by US Secretary of State John Kerry who demanded that Russian planes stop flying in Syria right now.

As Russian has no intention of abiding by any American ultimatum, “someone” in the United States ordered their missile shield activated against Russia—and that Russia had previously warned if that happened would lead to nuclear war.

Immediately after the United States activated their missile shield though, President Obama fired two of his top generals--Major General Wayne Grigsby and Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Michael Bobeck—while at the same time “someone” ordered an entire battalion of US Marine infantry troops back to base in North Carolina and placed them on “Alert Status”.

At the same time this turmoil is shaking the power corridors of America, Russian intelligence reports are warning of an expected “Red October” event to occur soon that will plunge Russia into direct and open warfare with the United States—and that my other Sisters will (hopefully) inform you more about this coming week.

But my greatest concern right now is YOU—because you’ve not only been left in the dark about what’s happening, you’ve also been “conditioned” to ignore any warning being given to you about what’s happening, and without your knowing the truth will leave you defenseless.

Now I’m going to do my best to not be over technical with you, but before I continue, watch this video to see EXACTLY what is being done to control you:

Here’s another example of this same type of “conditioning” happening in the real world—and was recorded from an Emergency Broadcast System radio station broadcast in the US this past week—and when you’re watching this video, at some point pause it and say out loud “Trump will go 26th”, then play it and that is what you’ll hear. Then, pause it again and say out loud “Trump April 26th”, then play it again and that is what you’ll hear.

In both of these videos you’ve seen examples of what is called “gaslighting”, that is a form of psychological abuse in which a person is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity—and that nearly every television programme or newscast you watch, or newspaper, magazine or website you read, is riddled with—and all with one purpose in mind—to keep you as docile and ignorant as possible.

The antidote, so to speak, for gaslighting was developed by one of the founders of 20th-century linguistics named Ferdinand de Saussure, whose “methods and tactics” to return a person minds to sanity, along with likewise methods documented by biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev, we Sisters have employed for decades.

We are not the only ones, of course, to use these “counter programming” methods and tactics to free peoples minds from gaslighting—but you should know that all of us who do use these tactics and methods are now labeled as “conspiracy theorists” that the US government has deemed so dangerous that one of President Obama’s top officials, Cass Sunstein, wrote a report on how to destroy us titled Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures that advocates the following:

Government might ban conspiracy theorizing

Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help

Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter speech

Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories

Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories

Without telling anyone, and we only know this thanks to Edward Snowden, the Obama administration began implementing Cass Sunstein’s plan of destruction against us—and as detailed extensively in the Intercept’s article titled How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations.

But at the same exact same time these American “agents” are attempting to destroy us for simply telling you the truth, did you know that THEY are reading and passing around the Sorcha Faal’s articles they don’t want you to read?

Including Hillary Clinton’s top national security advisor, Jacob J. Sullivan, who emailed the Sorcha Faal report titled Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran (that was reprinted in the EU Times with our permission) and that was replied to by one of his aides, US Navy Captain Les Horn, who replied “Anthony -- FYI. The report appears to be credible. Les” and that immediately ended the unclassified part of this email chain.

Now we happen to believe, very strongly, that YOU have the right to know what these US elites do, but who are keeping the truth from you by their attempting to destroy us and gaslighting their entire population—and that by the enormous power they wield seems to assure they will always win.

Well, I happen to KNOW that these elites will not win unless you let you them—and you’ll let them win by failing to support us, and others like us, who are daily risking our lives to keep the truth flowing to you.

Yes, World War III has started, and these elites are planning on making it catastrophic—and ONLY YOU can stop them by supporting us…NOW…TODAY!

All throughout history there are examples when ordinary people, JUST LIKE YOU, came awake before all was lost to stop a great danger—YOU are now living in such a time of peril, and my greatest hope is that YOU will respond like those of your ancestors who answered the call of freedom and justice and supported those aiding the cause of truth.

Are you listening? For all of our sakes I hope you are.

Have great peace with God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland 24 September 2016

ISIS update 9/24/2016..“Airstrikes, shelling in Aleppo will be extended”

Crucial to avoid collapse of US-Russian agreements on Syria - Lavrov at UNGA

Lavrov says US-Russian agreements on Syria must be salvaged

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Army Offensive in Hama Province

Syrian army attacked the terrorists' gathering centers in Hama
province, and inflicted heavy losses on the militants over the past 24

The Syrian army killed and wounded scores of terrorists in Hama province.

The Syrian army also inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups in other key regions across Syria.


Syrian military forces struck the terrorist groups' concentration
centers and gatherings along a key road from Hama to the neighboring
province of Homs, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.

Army soldiers attacked terrorists' positions in the Western side of
al-Salamiyah near the road to Homs province, destroying the militants'
vehicle and killing a large number of them.

The Syrian army's
engineering units also defused a large number of bombs and explosive
traps planted by the terrorists in Wadi al-Adhib region near the road
connecting Sheikh Hillal to Ithriya in Northeastern Hama.

Meantime, the Syrian air force launched an intensive air campaign and struck the terrorist groups in Northern Hama on Friday.

army aircraft targeted three main sites of the terrorist groups in
Ma'ardes, Taybat al-Imam and Zour al-Tibeh, destroying four tanks, three
machinegun-equipped and several armored vehicles of the militants.

Several members of the terrorist groups were also killed in the air assault with many more reported wounded.


Syrian Army artillery units opened heavy fire at the concentration
centers and gatherings of terrorist groups in Northern Lattakia,
inflicting major losses and heavy casualties on the militants.

Syrian artillery targeted terrorists' strongholds in Barzah al-Tahtani
mountain, Kafr Sandou height, Zohra Abu Assad and Tal Tardin regions,
leaving tens of militants dead or wounded.

In the meantime,
Syrian fighter jets bombed terrorists' centers in the mountainous
regions of Northern Lattakia in Barzah al-Tahtani, Kafr Sandou, Zohra
Abu Assad and Tal Tardin.


Syrian Army troops
and National Defense Forces (NDF) carried out a successful attack on the
gathering of a group of terrorists in Northern Quneitra, leaving at
least eight militants dead and several more wounded.

government forces ambushed a terrorist group in al-Naqar al-Gharbi site
in Mashati Hadar region and killed 8 terrorists. Several other were also
wounded in the raid.

Terrorists' equipment and weapons were also destroyed in the ambush.

Deir Ezzur

Syrian warplanes bombed heavily ISIL's sites in the Southern side of
the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzur province, slowing down the terrorist
group's movements in the region.

The Syrian Army aircraft
pounded ISIL's bases near the village of al-Mura'yeh on the Western side
of Deir Ezzur, grounding the terrorists in their strongholds.

Also, ISIL's gatherings near al-Thardah mountain on the Southern side of Deir Ezzur were smashed by the Syrian jets.

Three tanks, seven machinegun-equipped vehicles and two armored vehicles of the ISIL were destroyed in the air raid.


notorious commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was killed in the
Syrian Army troops' heavy fire in Dara'a countryside, the FSA announced.

"The Commander of Musa Bin al-Nasir Battalion and the
Lieutenant Commander of Khalid Bin Valid Brigade was killed in clashes
with the Syrian army soldiers in the Southern province of Dara'a," FSA


“Airstrikes, shelling in Aleppo will be extended”

The US Road Map To Balkanize Syria

By Pepe Escobar

..................So what are Russia's options? The crucial question is of course what will Russia do about it – beyond Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, being absolutely appalled by the recent drama queen performance of notorious batsh*t crazy Samantha Power

What will Moscow do about the fact that the whole nebulae described in the Beltway as “moderate rebels” – all of them issued from the Wahhabi ideological matrix - enjoys and will continue to enjoy, especially under Hillary 'Queen of War' Clinton, a CIA and/or Pentagon weaponized connection? The DIA document spells it all out, in a stark link with all previous Divide and Rule schemes, from the Israeli Yinon plan to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) delirium. In Pipelineistan terms, this continues to be about the Qatar to Turkey – via Syria – natural gas pipeline versus the proposed $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline, for which there is already a memorandum of understanding.

Lavrov is too much of a stellar diplomat to leak it – but after Deir Ezzor, Moscow has definitive proof any possible ceasefire bargained with Washington will be smashed. So never-ending GWOT once again metastasizes from fighting “evil” al-Qaeda to allowing al-Qaeda in Syria and its spin-off the “Califake” being allowed to carve up their privileged space in Syria. Nothing substantial will happen before the November US presidential election – apart from similar Deir Ezzor 'mistakes' ordered by soon-to-be-unemployed Ash Carter.

Afterwards, all bets are off. For contractors feeding off the industrial-military-security-surveillance complex, Russia demonization will remain a historic” business opportunity. And just wait if The Three Harpies manage to get their tentacle hands on the Empire of Chaos.

Zarif rejects military solution to Syria crisis

Erdogan furious over US arming Kurdish fighters in Syria

Caught On Tape: Did The US Target Syrian Aid Convoy With Hellfire Missile?

Footage of the nighttime attack on the Syrian aid convoy in Aleppo has surfaced. But there's something curious about how the footage has been appearing on Western news reports. A commenter on the Moon of Alabama blog, PavewayIV, made the following observations about what appears in the video, and what it suggests. First, however, here's an unedited version of the blast, courtesy of ABC:

Shakey-cam added for jihadi-vision effect? Why would they do this? Thermobaric Hellfire air-blasts don't leave craters, and they typically start fires. No craters are visible in footage of the burned convoy. The Russians have thermobaric bombs, too, according to PavewayIV, but they use different particles and their blast patterns are different: either no "sparkles" or long-duration "sparkles", not the fast-duration flash as seen in the video of the Aleppo blast. As we reported yesterday, the Russians detected a Predator drone which took off from Incirlik airbase in Syria, flew to the precise location of the convoy, arrived before the strike, stayed for a while, then left after the damage was done.

Syria: More Fatah Al-Sham-Affiliated Terrorists Lay Down Arms in Aleppo
Fatah Al-Sham's Centers Hit Hard in Syrian Army Attacks in Dara'a
Syria: Hundreds of Militants Lay Down Arms in Damascus
Syrian Army, NDF Fend off Terrorists' Large-Scale Offensives in Eastern Hama
ISIL's Offensives Repulsed by Syrian Army, Air Force in Deir Ezzur
Tens of Saudi Troops Killed by Yemeni Forces in Retaliation for Hudaydah Massacre
Syrian Official Denies Accusations of Airstrikes against Residential Areas in Aleppo
Syrian, Russian Warplanes Continue to Bomb Terrorist Centers in Aleppo

KeiserReport: Banking like fracking, has unintended consequences

KeiserReport: Banking like fracking, has unintended consequences (24Sept16) - YouTube

Mike Gravel says US can't sue Saudi Arabia because of Petrodollar system

US can't sue Saudi Arabia because of Petrodollar system: Analyst - YouTube

Space Weather, Flood Alerts - More Coming | S0 News Sep.24.2016

Space Weather, Flood Alerts - More Coming | S0 News Sep.24.2016 - YouTube

Friday, September 23, 2016

4 dead in in Cascade Mall shooting in Burlington, Washington.

BREAKING: 4 dead in - YouTube

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free - Friday (9-23-16)

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free - Friday (9-23-16) - YouTube



Debate Smackdown: Most Important 90 Minutes This Year

Between her 2000 Senate run and two presidential bids, Clinton has appeared on the debate stage nearly 40 times. Still, she has never prepared for an opponent quite as unpredictable as Trump.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock calls Hillary Most Dangerous Person On the Planet Today

Most Dangerous Person On the Planet Today: Hillary Clinton | MishTalk

Posted by mishgea | September 23, 2016

On Monday, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of giving “aid and comfort” to Islamic terrorists, and that terrorists use his rhetoric to recruit fighters.

On fighting terrorism, she chastised Trump “I Know How to Do This“.

“I’m the only candidate in this race who’s been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. I have sat at that table in the Situation Room,” said Clinton.

Here’s my counterclaim: Hillary Clinton not only sponsors terrorism, she is a terrorist.

I sent this as an Op-Ed to the New York Times. Rejected as expected.

Irony of the Year

The irony of the day, week, month and year is Hillary’s statement “I Know How to Do This“.
Hillary supported Bush’s inane war in Iraq.
Hillary supported Bush’s inane war in Afghanistan.
Hillary was the mastermind of US failed strategy in Libya.
Hillary is the single person most responsible for Benghazi.
Hillary supports president Obama’s drone policy.
There has never been a war Hillary did not support.

The most surefire way to make a terrorist out of a non-terrorist is to kill an innocent child or bomb an innocent person’s home. Doing so is sure to radicalize friends and family.

String of US Terrorism

There is nothing more un-American or unconstitutional than bombing other countries indiscriminately with no declaration of war, and with little or no regard to the lives of innocent victims.

Hillary Clinton supported those policies as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton, like George Bush, like Dick Cheney, and like president Obama are all guilty of terrorism.

If you disagree, please put yourself in the shoes of a mother whose 4-year old daughter was “accidentally” killed by a US drone. Envision your neighbor’s house “accidentally” blown to smithereens by drones.

Is it not terrorism because it’s an accident? What practical difference does it make?

In the eyes of the families of innocent victims, no words better describe such actions than “US terrorism“. I guarantee that is precisely how you would feel if it was your son or daughter killed, or it was your house blown up.

On April 23, 2015 the New York Times reported Drone Strikes Reveal Uncomfortable Truth: U.S. Is Often Unsure About Who Will Die.

“Mr. Obama and his top aides have repeatedly promised greater openness about the drone program but have never really delivered on it,” said the Times, quoting Rachel Stohl, of the Stimson Center, a Washington research institute.

On October 20, 2015, the Huffington Post reported Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target.

“U.S. drone strikes have killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia,” said the article, emphasis mine.

US Policy Radicalizes Terrorists

How many terrorists did the US radicalize in the process?

How many innocent civilians died? How much compensation did the US pay? Sorry, that’s classified information.

Given US drone policy, it’s a wonder there has not been more terrorists incidents in the US. One surefire way to have more incidents in the US is to accept Obama’s plan to take in 65,000 Syrian refugees.

Hillary Promises More of the Same

Hillary’s refugee policies would ensure we would have more terrorist attacks in the US.

Globally, her statements prove she will continue the disastrous, counterproductive, and illegal policies of the Bush and Obama administration.

Logically speaking, Hillary Clinton is the biggest threat to world peace and the most dangerous person on the planet.

That’s what I will take with me to the election booth on November 8. What about you?

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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