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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (3-3-15)

▶ Infowars Nightly News: Tuesday (3-3-15) - YouTube



On the March 3, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, OBAMA TO
POLICE DEPARTMENT, CRIME DROPS BY 61%. Snowden ready to come home.
Petraeus pleads guilty: gave classified info to his lover. Petition to
ban forced innoculations nears goal.
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US army Airdrop to ISIS in Libya ?

read more here........Middle East News Video Purports to show Aftermath of US Airdrop to ISIS in Libya | Shenandoah

Snowden could return to the US if he’s granted a fair trial

▶ Snowden could return to the US if he’s granted a fair trial - YouTube


Lawyers for former NSA contractor Edward Snowden say that he’s ready to
come back to the US, but the whistleblower is only willing to return if
he is afforded a fair trial. RT’s Ameera David reports on the
complicated and heated back and forth between America’s Justice
Department and Snowden’s lawyers in Moscow.

What Really Happened Radio w/Michael Rivero: Tuesday (3-3-15)

▶ What Really Happened Radio w/Michael Rivero: Tuesday (3-3-15) - YouTube



The Battle For Tikrit Begins, A Map Of Who Controls What

read it all here   As The Battle For Tikrit Begins, A Map Of Who Controls What | Zero Hedge


Much confusion all around since pretty much everyone in the middle east
is now somehow involved in this war on Iraqi/ISIS soil, so to provide
some clarity, here is a simple map showing who controls what in this
latest diversionary war designed merely to get Syria's president
committed so the US has a legitimate pretext to obliterate him.

New MH17 Footage? Military Camera Filming Crash? or Hoax?

New MH17 Footage? Military Camera Filming Crash? or Hoax? - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Podcast - Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Podcast - Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert - YouTube



NSA Headquarters Hit by Gunfire

NSA Headquarters Hit by Gunfire - YouTube


According to local media, police are investigating reports of shots fired near an NSA building in Maryland.
National Security Agency building on their Maryland campus was damaged
by multiple gunshots Tuesday after gunfire was reported in the area,
according to a Park Police spokeswoman.

No injuries resulting from the incident were reported.

police responded to the report of gunfire by investigating the area
along the nearby Baltimore-Washington parkway as the possible origin of
the shots. Police believe no shots were fired form that area, said Park
Police spokeswoman Alicia Woods.

The NSA did not immediately comment on the incident.

Read more:

Rival Libyan forces carried out airstrikes against each other's position

▶ Rival Libyan forces carried out airstrikes against each other's position - YouTube

A warplane belonging to Tripoli-allied forces bombed the oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra. The two oil ports, which make up half of Libya's oil output, were shut down in December due to the conflict.

Meanwhile, warplanes of the internationally-recognized Libyan government bombed Mitiga Airport in Tripoli. No casualties were reported in the attack. Libya's internationally recognized government says the air raids were in response to Tripoli forces' bombing of their positions in the town of Zintan. Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani's internationally-recognized government and elected parliament have been operating from the east since rival Libya Dawn forces took over Tripoli in the summer and set up their own administration.

The Enemy’s Enemy .....In the Now with Anissa Naouai

▶ The Enemy’s Enemy |S2E93| - YouTube

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Video - Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert

▶ Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free Video - Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert - YouTube



Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert

Alex Jones Show: Tuesday (3-3-15) Lord Christopher Monckton & Joel Gilbert - YouTube


Dear President Obama: Send Bibi to Gitmo! Sincerely, Dr. Kevin Barrett

Dear President Obama: Send Bibi to Gitmo! | Veterans Today

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to request that you rendition Netanyahu and send him to Guantanamo.

Or better yet, hit him with a predator drone.

Bibi is in Washington now. The Pentagon, the CIA, and some well-equipped military bases are just miles away. Rendition teams and predator drones are ready, available, and standing by, avidly awaiting the opportunity to strike. This is your chance!

Normally I am not a fan of extraordinary renditions and predator drones. But in this case I would make an exception…one of those “Carl Schmitt exceptions” if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Gitmo, drones, the whole nine yards…it’s all about the “war on terror,” right? Well, who is the biggest, nastiest terrorist on the planet? I’ll give you a hint: It sure as hell isn’t Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Ayman al-Zawahiri or some poor innocent little kid whose dad happens to be some harmless “useful idiot” like Anwar al-Awlaki.

Thus far, 99% of the people you’ve murdered with predator drones or kidnapped, tortured and sent to Guantanamo have been innocent. The other 1% have been heroes brave enough to defend their countries against invasion and occupation.

You’ve been droning and renditioning the wrong people.

We might as well take out at least ONE real terrorist.

And it might as well be the most vicious, dangerous, evil terrorist on earth.

It might as well be Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

Now I do realize that you are probably thinking, “That’s a hell of a good idea, Barrett. But is it politically feasible? If I send a drone after Bibi and turn him into a cloud of pink mist, a fate he so richly deserves, won’t Karl Rove find some way to use it against the Democrats in the 2016 elections?”

My response, paraphrasing James Baker, is: “F*** the Likudniks. They don’t vote for us anyway.”

And while Sheldon Adelson and a tiny fraction of America’s Jewish population would be heartbroken, most of the world would react to the news of Netanyahu’s demise quite a bit more favorably:

There is only one downside: If we drone him, we won’t get a chance to waterboard him.

It would be nice to hear Bibi confess to his role in 9/11. It would be nice to nail him for smuggling mini-nukes into the USA for “Samson Option” blackmail.

So maybe we should take the “compassionate approach” and just rendition the bastard.

It’s your choice, Barry. You’re the Commander-in-Chief (a fact most of Congress seems to have forgotten). You’re the Decider, as your predecessor so eloquently put it.

You don’t have to put up with any more sh*t from that psychopathic furniture salesman.

Thanks to Bibi’s nuking the World Trade Center on 9/11, you inherited “special powers.” Go ahead and use them!

You now have the legal right to kill or disappear anyone on earth, American citizen or foreign head of state. Maybe it’s time to use those powers to solve the real problem, eliminate the real terrorist threat, and set the stage for a return to Constitutional governance.

Sincerely (I wish I was joking)

Dr. Kevin Barrett

President Al-Assad receives a Turkish delegation Syria News 3/3/2015,

▶ Syria News 3/3/2015, President Al-Assad receives a Turkish delegation - YouTube

Keiser report: UK’s crackhead economic policies (E726)

▶ Keiser report: UK’s crackhead economic policies (E726) - YouTube

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the government’s economic policies apparently cooked up in a crack den - literally! Tabloids in the UK claim to have footage of the Chancellor’s top economic adviser smoking crack. They look at the economic policies this man may have been pushing and at how they cause effects very similar to those of crack cocaine.

In the second half, Max interviews Professor Richard Werner, who, in the early 1990s, coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing.’ Together they take a look at the monster which QE has become.

Novorossia\Ukraine update 3\03\2015..civilian life is gradually improving

Unofficially Inflation Rise 272 percent in Ukraine

'Budget of genocide'? Ukraine makes amendments to meet IMF demands

Food Shortages in Ternopil Western Ukraine. People Fighting Over Sunflower Oil

Lavrov calls on Ukraine to distance itself from 'extremists'

Russia and Ukraine have reached an agreement over a natural gas delivery deal until the end of March, following a row over supplies to eastern Ukraine, the European Union (EU) says.

The agreement, which secures gas supplies to Europe, was reached during EU-brokered talks between the two countries in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Monday.

"I am satisfied that we managed to safeguard the full application of the Winter Package for the supply needs in Ukraine," said European Commission Vice-President for Energy Union Maros Sefcovic in a statement.

The deal was reached after five-hour-long talks between Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, Ukrainian Energy Minister Volodymyr Demchyshyn and Sefcovic.

Three Soldiers Killed in East Ukraine: Militants shell Ukrainian positions despite ceasefire

Pro-Russian rebels train for more fighting despite Ukraine truce

"Before this week is up, we’ll be deploying a battalion... to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces for the fight that's taking place," stated US 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Colonel Michael Foster said at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC on Monday. Despite earlier warnings from Russia (and claims that NATO had not agreed to any such foreign 'boots on the ground' action'), Sputnik News reports, Foster added, "what we’ve got laid out is six United States companies that will be training six Ukrainian companies throughout the summer."

This comes a week after PM David Cameron confirmed Britain will be sending 75 military personnel to help combat Russian military aggression.

02.03.2015 Novorossia State-Building Report. Ukraine Today

Nemtsov funeral: Slain Russian opposition leader laid to rest, mourners queue to pay respects

Press Service of the President of Ukraine reported that the leaders of the "Norman four" agreed during a telephone conversation to hold consultations on March 6 at the level of deputy foreign ministers, who will discuss the introduction of peacekeepers in Ukraine.

In addition, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande appealed to Vladimir Putin once again, demanding the immediate release of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.

Poroshenko also noted the need for the release of all the hostages, who are illegally kept in the territory of the DPR, LPR and Russia. Among other issues, the parties discussed the issue of delivery of Ukrainian and international humanitarian aid to Donbass, as well as energy issues.

OSCE Press Service reports that representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics withdrew four columns of heavy weapons. This is stated in the report of the special observation mission.

Observers followed the DPR convoy on the routes leading from the line of contact to the places described by DPR convoy commanders as the ultimate destination for art outside of the corresponding lines of removal. OSCE Mission plans to monitor these sites on a daily basis

Observers of the OSCE monitoring Mission in Donbass fixed mutual shelling between militia and ATO forces near Donetsk airport. This is stated in the report of the special monitoring mission in Donbass.

In Lozovskoye village of Donetsk controlled by DPR (8 km west from the center of Donetsk), the SMM heard several bursts of small arms and rounds of heavy machine gun and artillery fire on both sides at a distance of about three kilometers to the north - northwest from their position, on March 1

- The report says.

The battle for Tikrit begins...US not invited

Maj. Gen. Bob Scales ..We didn't know

Iranian major general Soleimani supervises Iraqis in retaking Tikrit

The Iraqi army, backed by volunteer forces, has launched a large-scale military operation to retake the strategic city of Tikrit in Salahuddin province from ISIL terrorists.

Government forces are attacking the city from different locations, backed by artillery and airstrikes by Iraqi fighter jets. Troops have not entered Tikrit yet. They've already managed to liberate several districts around the city. A security source says volunteer forces have killed an ISIL commander in Himren region, south of the city. Tikrit lies on the road connecting Baghdad and Mosul. Its liberation will help Iraqi forces have a major supply link for any future operation to recapture Mosul. Meanwhile, Iraqi forces have liberated two more areas in the western Anbar province from ISIL.

Iraqi army continues its operation against ISIL in Salahuddin province

Iraqi volunteers join army in massive operation to push out ISIL

More than 27000 army soldiers and volunteers are involved in the battle for the city of Tikrit and its surrounding areas. They're tightening their grip on the Takfiri militants from five directions. So far, several districts in the west and north of Tikrit as well as the police academy in the south have been liberated. The joint forces used heavy artillery, mortars and short-range missiles during intensified clashes Sunday night over the town of Dour which is still under the control of the ISIL terrorists. Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander in Chief, Haydar al-Abadi, is now in the front line city of Samarra to personally direct the operation

Iraqi forces are battling the ISIL Takfiri militants in a neighborhood of the northern city of Tikrit as they press ahead with their large-scale offensive to regain control of the strategic city.

The Iraqi troops, backed by Shia and Sunni volunteers, recaptured parts of the Qadisiyah neighborhood while battling ISIL terrorists, an Iraqi security source said on Monday.

Several volunteer forces as well as dozens of militants were killed or wounded in the clashes.

Some 30,000 Iraqi troops and volunteers, backed by aircraft and artillery, launched the operation in and around Tikrit in Salahuddin province on Sunday to liberate the city.

They have already recaptured a number of districts around Tikrit.

“The army, federal police, Popular Mobilization (volunteer) units, and the sons of Salahuddin's tribes are performing the duties of liberation in the largest operation against Daesh (ISIL) since June,” said a senior army officer on the ground.

“We are certain of victory... but the operation is not easy,” he added.

located some 130 kilometers (80 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, Tikrit was overrun by the ISIL terrorists in summer 2014 along with Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul and other areas in the Arab country’s Sunni heartland. Tikrit has a strategic position as it sits on the road to Mosul.

The ISIL terrorists control parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria. They have been engaged in crimes against humanity in the areas under their control.

Earlier on Monday, the terror group released a video showing the purported execution of four Sunni tribesmen in the Tikrit region for allegedly collaborating with the Iraqi government.

No coalition air raids for Iraqi assault on Tikrit: US

Unclear if Iranian planes also involved in assault on Islamic State forces in Iraqi city

The United States and its allies have received no request from Iraq to carry out air strikes in support of Baghdad government troops fighting to recapture Tikrit, the Pentagon said Monday.

The Iraqi operation to take back Tikrit from Islamic State jihadists is the largest-scale offensive yet launched by Baghdad and Shiite militia backed by neighboring Iran were playing a key role.

But the US-led coalition, which has conducted thousands of air strikes against the IS group to back up Iraqi and Kurdish forces on the ground, is not providing air power for the latest Iraqi offensive, officials said.

"We're not providing air strikes in support of the operation around Tikrit," Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren told reporters.

It was unclear if Tehran's role may have been a factor in the US-led coalition's absence.

The assault on IS in Tikrit included Iraqi aircraft but it was unclear if Iranian planes were also involved.

Both Iraqi and Iranian media reported that Qassem Soleimani -- commander of the Al-Quds Force cover operations unit of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards -- was in the area to help oversee operations.

Warren declined to say whether US surveillance aircraft were providing intelligence for the Tikrit operation.

But a Pentagon official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that American planes were assisting with intelligence and reconnaissance.

Warren stressed that Iraq was a sovereign country and it was up to the government in Baghdad to decide when it required military assistance from coalition warplanes.

"We were aware of the operation before it started but I'm not going to get into the details of what degree of cooperation we conducted before this," he said.

"We're tracking it closely."

Asked about Iran's activities, he said: "We're aware that there is great Iranian interest in Iraq's fight against ISIL," using another acronym by which the group is known.

But he said he would not discuss the details of Iran's involvement in the conflict.
30,000 Iraqi troops pound jihadist positions

Some 30,000 Iraqi troops and militia backed by aircraft pounded jihadist positions in and around Tikrit on Monday in the biggest offensive yet to retake one of the Islamic State group's main strongholds.

"Security forces are advancing on three main fronts towards Tikrit, Ad-Dawr (to the south) and Al-Alam (to the north)," an army lieutenant colonel on the ground told AFP by telephone.

Iraqi forces are also "moving along side roads to prevent Daesh's escape," he said, using an Arab acronym for IS, which has controlled the hometown of executed dictator Saddam Hussein for nearly nine months.

The operation, which is one of the most ambitious undertaken by Baghdad to roll back the gains made by IS last June, began in early morning after being announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi the previous evening.

Spare civilians

Abadi urged the security forces on Sunday to spare civilians during the operation.

Speaking from Samarra, the other main city in Salaheddin province, he appeared to be addressing fears of reprisals against the Tikrit area's Sunni population.

"The priority we gave to the armed forces and all the forces taking part alongside them is to preserve the security of citizens," he told reporters.

On social media, he called "for utmost care in protecting civilian lives and property."

Iraqi forces tried and failed several times to wrest back Tikrit, a Sunni Arab city on the Tigris river around 160 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Former CIA Analyst Steven D. Kelley tells Richie Allen why Putin Had Nothing To Do With The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov

▶ Former CIA Analyst Steven D. Kelley - Why Putin Had Nothing To Do With The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov - YouTube

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