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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Eurogroup In Shock ..Greek PM Calls Emergency Meeting

Greek PM Calls Emergency Meeting For Bank Liquidity: MNI | Zero Hedge

Eurogroup In Shock: Finance Ministers "Would Not Know What To Discuss" After Greferendum Stunner | Zero Hedge

And meanwhile, while we symptahize with the Greeks officially telling the Troika to "f..k off", they may have other liquidity problems of their own.

Greeks cannot withdraw cash left in safe deposit boxes at Greek banks as long as capital restrictions remain in place, a deputy finance minister told Greek television on Sunday.

Greece's government shut banks and imposed capital controls a week ago to prevent the country's banks from collapsing under the weight of mass withdrawals.

Deputy Finance Minister Nadia Valavani told Alpha TV that, as part of those measures, the government and banks had agreed at the time that people would also not be allowed to withdraw cash from safe deposit boxes.

Surely the Greeks bought enough gold and/or bittcoin ahead of this outcome. Surely

Greek PM Calls Emergency Meeting For Bank Liquidity: MNI

Congratulations Greece: for the first time you had the chance to tell the Troika, the unelected eurocrats, and the entire status quo establishment, not to mention all the banks, how you really felt and based on the most recent results, some 61% of you told it to go fuck itself.

Now comes the hard part.

Because at this point, with Greek banks all of them effectively insolvent, it is all up to the ECB: should Mario Draghi now announce an increase in the ELA haircut or pull it altogether as the ECB did with Greece, then a Greek deposit haircut bloodbath ensues. And judging by the latest news out of Market News, this is precisely what Tsipras is focusing on.

According to MNI, Greece's Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras has called an emergency meeting for Sunday evening, after the referendum vote result will be announced, to assess the situation in the banking sector and the liquidity shortage, a senior Greek official told MNI Sunday.

The source said that so far Tsipras has not had any communication with other EU leaders "but that could change in the coming hours." Finance Minister Yiannis Varoufakis is currently meeting with the representatives of the Greek banking union to mull whether the banking holiday ,which expires Monday evening, should be prolonged and until when.

Greece's government spokesman, Gavriel Sakellarides told Antenna TV that the Central Bank of Greece will submit Sunday evening a request to the European Central Bank for further Emergency Liquidity Assistance saying "there is no reason why we cannot get ELA" adding that "negotiations should start as soon as today with reasonable demands."

The Greek source who spoke with MNI said that, according to his estimations, the No vote would be even higher than what the preliminary polls showed earlier.

The source also said that the EuroWorking Group, the aides of the Eurozone Finance Ministers, are expected to convene Monday and that the Eurogroup might also convene via teleconference to assess the situation.

A Banking source has told MNI that even when banks reopen capital controls are expected to be readjusted and imposed for a long period of time, until trust is restored and a deal with the creditors is being reached.

The ball is now in the ECB's court: will it let Greece keep the Greek ELA (or perhaps even raise it) to prevent an all out banking panic and allow Greek bank to reopen as Varoufakis promised, or will it cut the haircut or yank it altogether, starting the Greek depositor haircut as well as the falling dominoes we described yesterday...

EU leaders showing mixed reactions to Greece referendum

▶ EU leaders showing mixed reactions to Greece referendum - YouTube


‘ECB is trying to create chaos, fear in Greek population’

▶ ‘ECB is trying to create chaos, fear in Greek population’ - YouTube

Exit Polls Show Victory For ‘No’ Vote in Greek Referendum

Exit Polls Show Victory For ‘No’ Vote in Greek Referendum - YouTube


Numerous media outlets are reporting that the ‘no’ vote has a slight lead in the Greek referendum on the EU bailout.

#Greferendum results at 10.3% of total No: 59.87% Yes: 40.13% participation: 54.8% #Greece #euro

— MacroPolis (@MacroPolis_gr) July 5, 2015

OK it's official. First results published by Interiors ministry show 60% #OXI/No and 40% #NAI/Yes #Greferendum #AthensLive #Greece

— AthensLive GR (@athenslivegr) July 5, 2015

My read: slight lead for NO (OXI) enables @atsipras to form coalition team+ask for a deal #polls

— Stratos Safioleas (@stratosathens) July 5, 2015

Every exit poll saying 'no' camp has won. If this now goes the other way, serious questions are gonna be asked. #Greferendum

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 5, 2015

#Greece referendum poll: Yes – 46% No – 49% (via Metron Analysis) Just released.

— Britain Elects (@britainelects) July 5, 2015

CNN reports "no" vote has slight lead. #Grefenderum

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 5, 2015

@PrisonPlanet 51.5 percent of Greek citizens voted "No" and 48.5 percent voted "Yes" – MEGA TV. #Greece #voteno #victorytothepeople

— Real Talk, Real News (@Real_Talk_News) July 5, 2015

BREAKING: 49.5-54% of Greeks say 'No' to creditors' bailout proposals – polls #Greferendum

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) July 5, 2015

No supporters are already celebrating.

Celebratory honking has started here in Athens with exit polls showing "no" lead @Ruptly #Greece

— Katerina Alexandridi (@kalexandridi) July 5, 2015

No voters driving around Syntagma Square, outside Greek parliament, tooting horns in celebration.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) July 5, 2015

NYU professor Nicholas Economides says Grexit would make Greece a Middle Eastern nation subject to Turkey's whims

▶ Grexit would make Greece a Middle Eastern nation subject to Turkey's whims – NYU professor - YouTube


Grexit or tsiprexit? Oksana Boyko talks to Ft. Nicholas Economides,
Professor of Economics, NYU Stern School of Business. FULL EPISODE:

Sorcha Faal says Obama Moves 2,500 Feared Ukrainian-Nazi Fighters To Colorado For “Reasons Unknown”

Obama Moves 2,500 Feared Ukrainian-Nazi Fighters To Colorado For “Reasons Unknown”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that this past week’s nearly non-stop nighttime US military flights taking off from Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport (BIA) were “satellite-tracked” flying to Peterson Air Force Base (P-AFB), located in Colorado (USA), and whose “human cargo” contained up to 2,500 fighters of the feared Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, all of whom have now joined the massive Talisman Sabre 2015 war-game that began today.

The Talisman Saber 2015 war-game, this report explains, involves nearly 35,000 troops of the Australian Defence Force and the United States Military across six locations in northern and central Australia, the Coral Sea, and in Honolulu (Hawaii), Denver (Colorado) and Suffolk (Virginia).

As to the “strategic integration” of these neo-Nazi Azov Battalion terrorists into the US military structure enabling them to participate in this war-game has long been noted by the MoD, this report states…and after having provided the US Congress with overwhelming evidence proving these Azov Battalion neo-Nazis atrocities against the Ukrainian peoples, US Congressman John Conyers, Jr. and Congressman Ted Yoho caused to be passed last month a new law blocking all American military aid and support for them.

Despite this new law forbidding the US military from training these neo-Nazi terrorists though, this report continues, American troops belonging to the 173rd Airborne Brigade have continued training them at their base in Lviv located in western Ukraine.

And with the founder and head of the Azov Battalion, Andriy Biletsky, clearly stating that “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival”, this report warns, it becomes even more perplexing as to why the Obama regime would even want such racist and radical neo-Nazi terrorists in their homeland at all.

Even this past week, this report shockingly notes, when American reporters from the Daily Beast News Service attempted to find out why these neo-Nazi terrorists were still being trained in spite of the law forbidding it, they were stunningly replied to by a US State Department representative, Press Officer Yarina Ferentsevych of the American Embassy in Ukraine, who told them, “Neo-Nazis, you know, can join the U.S. army too.”

To exactly why the Obama regime has flown such a massive number of these Azov Battalion neo-Nazi terrorists to Colorado, MoD intelligence analysts in this report say it is still “uncertain” and for, at this time, “reasons unknown”.

However, these same MoD intelligence analysts do note that in early May (2015), the US military dropped the State of Colorado from being a part of its much feared Jade Helm 15 war-game exercise, and then immediately dispatched a “significant element” of the Fort Carson, Colorado, based US Army’s 10th Special Forces Group (who had been scheduled to participate in Jade Helm 15), and who operate under United States European Command (EUCOM), to Ukraine to “integrate and operate” within the Azov Battalion.

And as these nearly 2,500 neo-Nazi Azov Battalion terrorists are now, undoubtedly, under the command of the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, this report warns, it is a further destabilizing action being committed against the Federation by the Obama regime as the military troops stationed at this US military base have begun training for what they call a “new type of warfare” they have labeled as “high-intensity combat” and “maneuver warfare” that is focused on conquering territory, smashing enemy positions and fighting to win rather than fighting to win hearts and minds…in other words, “total war”.

Prior to the State of Colorado being dropped from Jade Helm 15 in May, MoD intelligence analysts also state that they noted an increase of American alternative news sources reporting that their US military contacts were telling them back in March about “Russian” speaking soldiers being trained at Fort Carson for Jade Helm 15…and which could have only been Azov Battalion neo-Nazi terrorists, and certainly not Federation forces.

And, perhaps, most chilling in this report is a concluding MoD appendix noting that the “greater part” of these neo-Nazi Azov Battalion terrorists currently at Fort Carson are “hardened battlefield criminals” responsible for some of the most gruesome “ISIS-Style” war crimes in the Ukrainian Civil War…and whomever the Obama unleashes them against should prepare for “hell on earth”.

So today, as the massive Talisman Sabre 2015 war-game begins, and which will soon overlap, on 15 July, with the equally fearsome Jade Helm 15, it is wise to remember Obama’s words in 2011 when he “gave the game away” when addressing Australian troops in Darwin after announcing the stationing of US Marines there stated: “You can’t tell where our guys end and you guys begin…”

Those same words now apply to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion as well…and which now makes understandable why the United States, Canada and Ukraine became the only three nations in the world to defeat the United Nations resolution against Nazism and Holocaust-denial this past November.

July 5, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com

Novorossia/ Ukraine update 7\05\2015.. "Novorossiya will be created soon" — Zakharchenko

Kiev's new traffic police pledge not to take bribes

Sgt. Jones patrolling Kiev city [New UA police uniform]

Anti-Maidan Ukrainian Viktoria Shilova confronts Ukrainian propagandists with their victim

Road of Kindness

"Novorossiya will be created soon" — Zakharchenko

Putin called for dialog with US based on equality, mutual respect

Five Ukrainian soldiers killed by landmine in Luhansk region

Donetsk[not translated]

You think the Ukraine is independent? Think again!

Deputy Head of the International Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE intends to present on Tuesday, July 7 the results of a trip to Donbass to the meeting of the working group on security. He said this today at a press conference in Donetsk.

"Tomorrow I will continue my journey and visit Gorlovka where our mission is working on a temporary cease-fire. It is necessary to carry out rehabilitation work on the water supply line. Then, we will go to Avdeyevka and Peski. After that - to Lugansk. On Monday evening I will return to Kiev and will go to Minsk the next day, where the fifth meeting of the Working Sub-Group on security to be held, "- he said.

Gerald Celente, July 5, 2015: Greece Referendum and Economic News,

Gerald Celente, July 5, 2015: Greece Referendum and Economic News, Trends Research - YouTube


Scott Wilhelmsen

jsnip4 says Greece Yes/No vote doesn't really matter

▶ REALIST NEWS - Greece Yes/No Vote - (Doesn't really matter) - YouTube

No to hegemony: Grexit may lead to strong-willed decisions by other countries

Greece PM Tsipras casts ballot in bailout referendum

▶ Greece PM Tsipras casts ballot in bailout referendum - YouTube


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras cast his vote in an unprecedented
referendum whether to accept to the bailout terms imposed by Greece's
creditors in Athens, Sunday. Follow LIVE UPDATES:


Magnetic Storm, Red Pluto | S0 News July 5, 2015

▶ Magnetic Storm, Red Pluto | S0 News July 5, 2015 - YouTube

Greece Votes Media Manipulates #OXI

▶ Greece Votes Media Manipulates #OXI - YouTube


In this video Luke Rudkowski gives you a real picture to what's
happening on the ground in Greece. We cover the Greek mainstream media
bias against the NO OXI voters and uncover details that you will not
hear anywhere else. We want to thank everyone donating who makes this
reporting possible, especially the BITCOIN donations, our address is

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Joaquin Flores explains Electric Yerevan, the Color Tactic and Armenian Power

▶ Electric Yerevan, the Color Tactic and Armenian Power - Joaquin Flores - YouTube


Electric Yerevan and Lessons on the Color-Spring Tactic Written by Joaquin Flores


The Electric Yerevan protest provides us with an excellent
opportunity to review some of the basic underlying mechanics and
psychology of the Color-Spring tactic. It is important to share these
publicly, for it is indeed probable that the Color-Spring tactic will be
increasingly applied in the world as a "hybrid soft-power/hard-power

A moral principle held by Gene Sharp, who was one of
the tactic's main developers, was that violence is not necessary for
revolution. What is strange, contradictory, even dishonest here is that
violence is reduced taxonomically to the physical violence of the
state's gendarmes against the civilians. But we know that violence comes
in many forms.

We live in a time of great violence; physical,
psychological, legal, economic, spiritual violence. Not only has the
Color Revolution tactic engendered the latter four, but its mutation
into the Arab Spring tactic also employs heinous physical violence. We
can see today, tens of thousands dead in Libya, hundreds of thousands in
Syria, and a mounting figure in Ukraine which threatens to surpass the

Novices to political science and political
activism may be lured by the spectre and spectacle of the Color
Revolution method that has characterized ostensible movements for
radical social change in the last generation. The symbols have become
iconic and clichéd: the tent city, the die-in, the girl placing flowers
in the gendarme's gun barrels, water cannons and tear-gas, the fist

What is missing of course from this view is an
understanding of the real social forces in a society, class and economic
forces. For forty years, genuine activism, labor union militancy, has
been marginalized. In place of direct action against the ruling class at
the very places that make their wealth, is a strange simulation of late
1960's student activism; shown to us on a never-ending film reel it all here...Electric Yerevan and Lessons on the Color-Spring Tactic

Yemen update 7\04\2015.. Clashes, strikes kill 21 in Aden

Saudi fighter jets pound military base in Yemeni capital

A military base in Sana’a targeted by Saudi warplanes

Saudi-led coalition targets Houthi armories

Clashes, strikes kill 21 in Yemen's Aden

Ansarullah, Protest Movement Foil Saudi Plot to Control Southern Yemen

A Saudi plan to take control over Aden failed following swift action by the Ansarullah and the protest movements in Southern Yemen.

"After an agreement struck among Ansarullah, the Yemeni army and the protest movement in Southern Yemen in the Omani capital in June, Riyadh which counted much on the card of separatists in Southern Yemen, failed to reach its goal of gaining control of this region," the Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper wrote on Saturday.

The newspaper also revealed that Riyadh which couldn’t trust its forces' capabilities in Southern Yemen, resorted to the UAE and 60 Emirati military officers went to a command center and received anti-armor missile and artillery support in al-Bariqa region to lead the war against the Ansarullah and popular Yemeni forces.

Bernie Suarez's Independence Day open letter to Government

Activist Post: My Independence Day Open Letter to Government

Bernie Suarez

Today I want to openly declare to the current control system what
Independence Day means to me and why it is the most important holiday of
the year.

Dear controlling (federal) government,

Do you know what today is? That's right. It's the one day of the year
where we the little people celebrate Independence from you the larger
control system. That is after all at the heart of Independence Day. This
is the day when individuals with a conscience, not groups like
government and corporations but individual human beings get to reminisce
on the idea of freedom. And how can we blame humans for doing that?
Freedom, after all is the most prized right to yearn for. It's a right,
it's a moral code, it's an expectation and desire that all humans
quietly yearn for, hope for and dream of. Freedom from you, the
government. Freedom from external control and manipulation. Freedom from
coercion, intimidation and forced slavery based on fear of harm, fear
of being robbed and fear of being locked up. All three of these threats
are the essence of what government does, but you already know that.

Governments exist to force others to behave in a
certain way in order for that government to maintain its power over you.
Whether it's the issuing of taxes, fines, imprisonment or even
execution, the job gets done every time.

Today we celebrate the concept of freedom from that very perpetual
enslavement. This is after all the only true freedom that exists.
Freedom from coercive and intimidating government to forcefully make you
do something you don't want to do.

There is so much irony in having a nation celebrate "Independence" day
just a few weeks prior to the start of Jade Helm 15 and in the center of
a massive (Northwoods II style) push for the new world order of
enslavement here in the U.S., but nonetheless I want to celebrate this
day and remind you (government) that we all still cherish freedom from

And no one should be surprised that during this day no one in government
or mainstream media will spell it out and honor this day word for word
for what it really stands for -- Freedom and Independence of the individual.
That was, after all, at the heart of America's independence as
reflected in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Read it, review
it and see the magic we little people see in it. Hopefully, it will
inspire you and remind you what this is all about.

They say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to
be free, and those who want to control you

Jay Dyer on Dylann Roof and the Charleston church shooting

▶ Jay Dyer - Dylann Roof & The Charleston Church Shooting - YouTube

Greece and Other Musings On July 4th_Paul Craig Roberts

» Greece and Other Musings On July 4th Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Paul Craig Roberts

If you become stuck in a boring July 4 hot air speech, distract yourself with this question: Are the values that Western civilization allegedly represents still extant? You don’t need to get heavy into philosophy. See if you can find any of the professed values reflected in current events.

For example, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks was granted asylum by Ecuador in order to protect Assange from persecution by Washington. Washington is determined to persecute Assange, because he did his job as a journalist and published leaked information that revealed US government crimes and machinations against other countries including US allies. Assange did what the New York Times did in 1971 when the newspaper published the Pentagon Papers leaked by Daniel Ellsberg.

Assange has now spent three years inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London, because Washington has instructed its UK vassal state not to honor Assange’s grant of asylum and allow him free passage to Ecuador. What is happening to Assange is precisely what happened to Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, who was granted political asylum by the United States in 1956 and spent 15 years inside the US embassy in Budapest because the Soviet government instructed its Hungarian vassal state not to honor the grant of asylum. The Anglo-American world has morphed into the Soviet world.

Currently the US is attempting to overthrow the government in Ecuador in order to return the country to Washington’s control. If Washington succeeds in establishing a vassal state in Ecuador, Assange’s asylum will be revoked, and he will end up in Washington’s hands.

Perhaps recognizing the threat to Assange, France’s Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, raised the possibility of political asylum for Assange in France. Assange responded to the opening and asked President Hollande for asylum and was immediately refused.

Clearly, what was considered in 1971 to be heroic action in defense of democracy and a free press by Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times has been transformed four decades later into a crime against the state. A civilization that can lose such important values in four decades is clearly in retreat from the values it professes. Today the professed values serve only as a cloak behind which the West hides its crimes.

Or consider the Greek referendum on Sunday, the day after July 4th. When the Greek government announced that it would let the Greek people decide their own fate, Western political leaders and media denounced the Greek government for practicing democracy. As far as Europe’s leaders are concerned, foreign elites, not the Greek people, have sovereignty over Greece. One criticism of the Soviet Union was that it lacked a free press. Today the entire West lacks a free press. In 2014 Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor with the German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, published a book, Bought Journalists, in which he revealed that most prominent European journalists are paid agents of the CIA.

WikiLeaks says NSA tapped the phones of 29 top Brazilian officials

▶ NSA tapped the phones of 29 top Brazilian officials - WikiLeaks - YouTube

Happy 4th of July from SovietBearRus

Happy 4th of July to My American Supporters and Followers - YouTube