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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump update 7/30/2016..  Teaming Up With Russia To Defeat ISIS

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump speaks in Denver

Keys To How Trump Can Stop Hillary From Stealing The Election

Donald Trump Sparks Debate As He Suggests Cashin' In

Trump and Those Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Russians

By Finian Cunningham

......In an article in Slate magazine, we are told: “Putin plan for destroying the West – and it looks a lot like Donald Trump”.

The billionaire property magnate is now being labelled as “Putin’s puppet” and the “Kremlin’s candidate”.

This is a re-run of American establishment paranoia that dominated the Cold War decades, when any political challenger for high office in the US could be blackballed by mere assertion that he was a fellow-traveller of the Soviet Union. Today, “communism” is replaced with allegations of being friends with Moscow “tyranny”.

But let’s deal with the facts here. What we know is that a huge leak of emails from the Democrat National Committee was released last week by Western-based whistleblower organization, Wikileaks, run by Australian journalist Julian Assange.

The emails are a devastating indictment of how the Democrat party leadership has from the outset sought to make sure Hillary Clinton becomes the presidential nominee by crushing her populist rival Bernie Sanders. Clinton is backed by big business, Wall Street and the Pentagon.

The Wikileaks email revelations on the eve of the Democrat convention this week in Philadelphia is proof that what passes for American democracy is a rigged system, ordained by the rich and powerful to elect their candidate to do their bidding when in office.

Sanders acknowledged how the political system was unfairly stacked against him and his supporters. Nevertheless, the Vermont senator has gone on to endorse Clinton, to the disgust of many of his supporters.

Rather than focusing on what is a teachable moment of corporate control of politics, the US media performed mental gymnastics by shifting this real story on to wild speculation that the Democrat email leaks were masterminded by Russian intelligence. The allegation was flatly denied by Wikileaks.

So now, instead of the public examining how powerful American interest prevail on their democratic choice, the narrative becomes one of accusing Vladimir Putin of subverting the US presidential elections.

The slander against Russia is only afforded a semblance of credibility because it is piled on a heap of previous slander, in which Moscow is accused of annexing and invading Ukrainian territory, posing a threat to Eastern Europe, assassinating political opponents, shooting down civilian airliners and sponsoring illicit drugs in Olympic sports.

One again, rumor, insinuation and vilification triumph over facts in the Western media’s so-called news services.

The story of Russian state-sponsored hackers breaking into the Democrat party’s email system first surfaced more than a month ago. As pointed out previously, the source of claims that it was Russian cyber-espionage was a private US security firm, CrowdStrike, which is closely linked to the Washington DC-based think tank Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council is, in turn, tightly aligned with the US-led NATO military alliance.

The claims made against Russian state hackers are unverifiable. They are simply assertions from a partisan source, which are then amplified into seeming fact by the dutiful Western media.

Incredibly, this anti-Russian smear is then parlayed into a smear against Clinton’s Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Using stilted reasoning and scant regard for facts, the US media are charging that the Kremlin’s “hack” is “an effort to elect Donald Trump”.

The brash business mogul is now being portrayed as a Russian “fifth columnist” orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to undermine American world power.

This is a refrain of much-vaunted allegations that Putin is trying to wreck the European Union by financing anti-EU political parties; that Putin engineered Britain’s Brexit vote to quit the EU last month; or that the Russian leader is working a dastardly policy of sowing division among NATO members.

Trump has derided the “Putin puppet” allegations as ludicrous. It is true that Trump has previously spoken favorably about Putin, and that he has promised to improve relations between the US and Russia if elected in November.

As for Moscow, the Russian government has been careful not to make any public comments on the US elections that could be construed as favoring one candidate over another. Moscow has scrupulously kept out of US election affairs. Putin did refer once to Trump as being a “bright” and “talented” person. So what?

Underneath the mountain of hype and disinformation, one suspects that Trump’s comments last week dismissing NATO are the real bone of contention. Trump told the New York Times that he wouldn’t order US forces automatically to defend Eastern European NATO members if they were attacked.

The Republican candidate “overturned a cornerstone of US foreign policy since the Second World War” noted various Western media outlets.

In a refreshing use of independent reasoning, Trump in fell swoop rejected the whole Washington-led narrative of NATO defending Europe from Russian aggression. This narrative has been recklessly contrived and pushed by Washington over the last two years, which has heightened the danger of an all-out nuclear war with Russia.

Donald Trump may turn out a huge disappointment if elected to the White House. But at this stage, one has to acknowledge that his views, at least in regard to Russia, are significantly more welcome than Hillary Clinton’s, who is a Pentagon hawk in liberal clothing.

Trump’s refusal to sing from the same Pentagon hymn sheet of panning Russia as a global threat and calling for increased NATO militarism on Russia’s border is sheer anathema to the Washington establishment.

That is why the US powers-that-be are moving to discredit Trump as “a Russian puppet”.

And recall, the source of the Russian email hacker claims is a security firm linked with the Atlantic Council/NATO nexus.

Trump’s indifferent views on NATO and alleged Russian aggression in Europe are in total discord with the geopolitical interests of Washington and its drive for hegemony.

Since the Republican candidate gave his tepid views on NATO last week, there has been a parade of Western security pundits lambasting him as a patsy for Putin.

It is a disturbing sign of how brainwashed Western public discourse is that when someone questions Washington’s reckless war beat towards Moscow, then that person is summarily dismissed as a Kremlin tool.

This is the practice of a totalitarian system, ironically under the illusion of a free-thinking, independent media.

The real story here is how American democracy is bought and paid for by powerful elite interests within the country. The email hacking issue on how Clinton is being selected as the next president by powerful corporations and the military industrial complex should be focus.

But no. The public’s attention is diverted by fantasies over villainous Vlad and his comrade Trump.

American politics has long been scoffed at by international observers as a joke version of democracy. Now we know it is a joke, and it’s not funny.

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Protesters demand German chancellor to go amid migration & security concerns

‘Merkel must go’: Protesters demand German chancellor to go amid migration & security concerns - YouTube

Benjamin Fulford News flash

News flash

Posted by benjamin
July 31, 2016

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.
The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.
The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery.
The indictment can be read here:

More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

Keiser Report: Taxation and Comedy (Summer Solutions series E947)

Keiser Report: Taxation and Comedy (Summer Solutions series E947) - YouTube

ISIS update 7/30/2016..Syria lashed out at US-led coalition for killing 45 and injuring 50 in airstrikes near Manbij Thursday

US-Led airstrikes kill 28 in Northern Syria

“7 children among dead in Syria”

Latest US-led coalition strikes killed 45 civilians near Manbij – Syrian Foreign Ministry

Manbij civilian dead? Airstrikes against ISIL must continue. 29 July 2016

Syria Blasts Massacre of Civilians in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes

Syria lashed out at the US-led coalition for killing 45 civilians and injuring 50 others in airstrikes near the city of Manbij in Aleppo on Thursday, calling on the UN to take rapid action to stop the massacre.

“In two letters addressed to head of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General, the [foreign] ministry called for stopping attacks and atrocities committed against civilians, calling for bringing the perpetrators to justice,” the state news agency SANA reported.

“The letters went on to say that any counterterrorism efforts in Syria are doomed unless done in cooperation with the Syrian government in accordance with international law and the UN Charter,” it added.

On Thursday night, US Central Command (CENTCOM) acknowledged that the airstrikes “may have resulted in civilian casualties,” but did not name a figure, pending a likely future investigation.

The Thursday massacre was carried out after at least 15 people were killed and injured in US-led airstrikes against al-Nawajah village east of Manbij on July 23, a few days after another deadly US-led raid left 120 civilians dead near Manbij.

On July 22, the military coalition also killed at least 20 civilians in Manbij and claimed the lives of at least 30 more, including 11 children, in the same city on June 9, in aerial attacks purportedly conducted against positions of the ISIL in the area.

Syrian media shows families leaving besieged Aleppo

De Mistura tells Russia to leave Aleppo corridors to UN

Front Line Report | July 28th 2016 | Aleppo

"Jabhat al-Nusra" re-branding into "Jabhat Fateh al-Sham" | July 28th 2016

PKK militants kill 5 Turkish soldiers in Hakkari

HPG (PKK) Guerrillas release footage of destroying Turkish Army vehicle killing/injuring 9 soldiers.

Iran will help Iraqi forces liberate Mosul


More Terrorists Surrender to Syrian Gov't Forces in Aleppo

Darrin McBreen talks to Paul Craig Roberts about NATO's anti-missile systems surrounding Russia

Biggest News Story Of The Year! And you've never heard about it. Until Now. - YouTube

V the Guerilla Economist Rogue Money Radio 07.29.16 with Ken Schortgen

Rogue Money Radio - YouTube

Live from Berlin: Rights groups protest against Merkel - registered numerous counter-protests Live aus Berlin

Live aus Berlin: Rechte Gruppen demonstrieren gegen Merkel - zahlreiche Gegenproteste angemeldet - YouTube

‘Know your place!’: Erdogan on US official’s reaction to failed coup aftermath

‘Know your place!’: Erdogan on US official’s reaction to failed coup aftermath - YouTube


President Erdogan once again slammed the US for harboring Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, and demanded his extradition. He also lashed out at the head of US Central Command, General Joseph Votel, who has criticized the detention of thousands of Turkish military personnel in the aftermath of the coup attempt .

Pentagon denies link to Turkey's failed coup

Pentagon denies link to Turkey's failed coup - YouTube

CME Coming, M7.7 Quake, WoW Lightning | S0 News Jul.30.2016

CME Coming, M7.7 Quake, WoW Lightning | S0 News Jul.30.2016 - YouTube

Friday, July 29, 2016

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free - Friday (7-29-16)

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free - Friday (7-29-16) - YouTube



FBI Boss: Defeat of Islamic State Means More Terror in America

FBI Director James Comey told a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University Wednesday the eventual defeat of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq will result in more terrorism in Europe and the United States.

Pathetic Leftist "Comedians" Attack Their Own Supporters

Democrats have rolled out a steady steam of celebrities who's job appears to be peer pressuring leftist into supporting Hillary.

400 German Police Raid Mosque in Islamic Hotbed

German armed police smash their way into mosque and raid homes of group accused of radicalising Muslims and grooming them for jihad.

Angela Merkel refuses to admit her immigration policy is to blame. At a news conference in Berlin, Merkel quoted a fundamental principle enshrined in her country’s constitution: “human dignity shall be inviolable.” She added: “These principles mean we will give asylum to those who are politically persecuted and we will give protection to those who flee war and expulsion according to the Geneva Refugee Convention.”

DNC Day 4 A Grand Finale Of Corruption On Parade

The final night of the DNC didn't disappoint. Well that is if you enjoy watching a political travesty in full swing more akin to a cult of veiled corruption than the remnants of the ragged Democratic Party. Honestly, one would have to assume the entire grand finale of the DNC was difficult for anyone with a shred of decency and a low IQ to witness.

Jettisoned from the lair of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA teleprompters doling out 40% more airtime to the DNC over the RNC. A Bernie delegate was stripped of his credentials for holding an "unauthorized sign" that read Stop TPP. James O'Keefe, disguised as a Hillary supporter was physically attacked by an angry mob cordoned off behind fences erected all around the convention center. While merchandisers struggled to get a return for anything Hillary related. Even the weather wasn't cooperating with the monumental farce, as flash flood warnings were in effect.

Back inside the DNC, Hillary's campaign manager labeled Hillary a tough sell. While white noise machines were brought in to drown out the inevitable booing that had plagued the entire event.
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False flags fluttering in the Empire’s hot air _ the Saker

False flags fluttering in the Empire’s hot air | The Vineyard of the Saker

This article was written for the Unz Review:

When I think of the recent developments in the USA (Dallas shooting, Orlando shooting) and Europe (Nice, murdered priest, Germany shooting) I get this unpleasant feeling that something is not quite right. For one thing, the perpetrators are absolutely ridiculous: pseudo-Muslims who turn out to be drinking homosexuals, ex-patients of mental institutions – the kind of people I call “overnight Muslims”: they all make darn sure to say Allahu Akbar a number of times, but other than that, they have no sign of Islam at all. In fact, far from being trained Daesh fighters, they are all losers with weak personalities. Exactly the kind of people the special services (and religious sects) like to prey on because they are weak and easy to manipulate. Oh yes, I know, the good folk a Daesh do end up claiming that the perpetrator is one of them, but that really proves nothing (except maybe that Daesh is desperate to increase its notoriety).

I have no proof of that, of course, but I am getting the very strong feeling that somebody is putting great deal of effort to scare the bejesus out of the TV-watching crowd. But why? Why would anybody go to the effort to create a completely fictional threat?

And should we really dismiss all the innumerable witnesses who speak of “more than one shooter”? What about the absolutely ridiculous police “overkill” when hundred of policemen are sent in to deal with one single shooter. Does that not strike you as odd? Am I the only one with the feeling that what is shown to us is a carefully choreographed show?



Palestinian/ Israeli update 7/29 /2016..Israeli Border Police threaten Palestinian demonstrators

Israeli Border Police threaten Palestinian demonstrators

July 29, 2016. Ni'lin village, West Bank. Israeli Border Police officers threaten Palestinian demonstrators who tried to march to the site of the wall that steals their village's land.

Israeli Border Police officer accidentally teargasses fellow comrades

Netanyahu praises warming ties with with Egypt

Yemen Saudi update 7/29/2016..Diplomatic Stalemate Leads to Escalation in Yemen

Houthis continues advancing towards Al Hazm, secure more strategic locations in Aqaba

Saudi warplanes kill 5 Yemenis in Hajjah province

Yemeni Army Repels Pro-Saudi Forces' Attack on Al-Jawf Province

The Yemeni army and popular forces repulsed an attack by the Saudi-backed militias loyal to the former fugitive President Mansour Hadi on a strategic region in al-Jawf province.

The pro-Hadi militias launched an attack on the Yemeni forces' military positions in al-Jawf, but were pushed back in the Yemeni army's counteroffensive.

Scores of pro-Hadi militias were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Yemeni army and popular forces.

On Thursday, Yemen’s Ansarullah forces launched a barrage of missile attacks on the positions of Saudi-funded mercenaries in the Nihm District of Sana’a, killing a large number of soldiers in the process, several sources said.

Ansarullah forces launched a number of domestically-manufactured “Zelzal-3” propellant missiles at a joint camp of Saudi Coalition and pro-Hadi forces, destroying several vehicles, North of the Nihm region, Al-Masirah reported.

Al-Masirah added that the estimated death toll for the Saudi Coalition and pro-Hadi forces is estimated to be greater than 50, however, this number has not been verified or corroborated by Saudi media.

The Ansarullah forces have conducted missile strikes against the Saudi Coalition and Hadi loyalists for four straight days, causing a large a number of causalities, while also destroying several enemy vehicles.

In a desperate attempt to avenge their losses, the Saudi Royal Air Force has carried out airstrikes over the densely populated neighborhoods of Sana’a and Sa’ada in Northern Yemen, these strikes have killed at least 16 people in the last 24 hours.

American Mercenary Killed in Clashes with Ansarullah Fighters in Yemen

Ansarullah popular forces, in a video, disclosed that an American mercenary fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, has been killed in clashes with the revolutionaries.

Ansarullah's video displayed the US passport, driving license, and birth certificate of Tyler Nathaniel Caldwell.

Caldwell is a US citizen from the state of Florida.

Yemen’s Houthis reject giving in to Saudi demands

#Yemen: Houthi/Saleh dictate, Peace Talk update, Sama'a Al-Hamdani Commentary

Houthis, allies agree to form governing board in Yemen

Diplomatic Stalemate Leads to Escalation in Yemen

Putin asks US Ambassador "Why can't you create jobs in a sphere that does't threaten the existence of the human race?"

America relies on war for jobs? - YouTube


Inessa S says President Putin asks the US Ambassador for his analysis on whether or
not the Missile Defense System, being positioned on Russia's doorstep,
is in fact a threat to Russian security? His answer attempted to dispel
the argument, but came out even more disturbing. According to the US
Ambassador, America needs war to create jobs. Putin, amused, asks - "Why
can't you create jobs in a sphere that does't threaten the existence of
the human race?" In my previous video, which has since gone viral,
Putin explains how a "defense" system is actually one element of a whole
system of "offense" weaponry. (

a terrorist attack occurs in Europe, all you have to do is take a look
at the market share price of companies such as Raytheon and Lockheed
Martin, as Western governments scramble to bomb some hairy terrorist
hiding hole. (Have they looked in the White House??)

The obvious winners of human misery are the CEO fat cats of military industrial companies.

military-industrial complex works differently in Russia because it is
not privately managed, but state run. The government does not hand out
billions of [taxpayer] dollars worth of contracts to a handful of
unethical parasites, and their lobbyists. This essentially removes the
financial incentive from creating an ever -expanding military industrial
complex in Russia.

What Really Happened w/Mike Rivero: Friday (7-29-16)

What Really Happened w/Mike Rivero: Friday (7-29-16) - YouTube



Trump update 7/29/2016..Did Donald Trump Just Fire a MASSIVE Warning Shot at the Banking Cabal?

 Donald Trump Colorado Springs FULL Speech 7/29/16

Did Donald Trump Just Fire a MASSIVE Warning Shot at the Banking Cabal?

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