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Friday, March 27, 2015

Yemeni Houthi fighters seize Loder town in Abyan province

▶ Yemeni Houthi fighters seize Loder town in Abyan province - YouTube


Saudi-led warplanes continue to pound Yemeni cities on the second day of their military aggression against the Arab country.

the latest airstrikes, the fighter jets bombed a popular market in the
northern city of Sa’ada. The attack left at least 15 people dead or
injured. The capital Sana’a also came under attack overnight with
Saudi-led warplanes hitting military and civilian targets in and around
the city. Nearly 40 people have so far been killed and dozens of others
injured since the beginning of the invasion of Yemen on Thursday.
Houthi’s television said anti aircraft guns have shut down a
reconnaissance plane west of Sana’a. Meanwhile, Houthi fighters and
their allies have also captured the town Loder in southern Abyan
province from al-Qaeda militants.

In a surprise step, Egyptian marine naval and marine forces Thursday morning, March 26, seized control of the strategic Bab El-Mandeb Straits to foil Tehran’s plans to grab this important energy shipping gateway between the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal, debkafile’s military sources report from the Gulf. Egypt disguised the raid as a counter-piracy operation. It rounded off the Saudi-led air strikes launched the same morning against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. These operations signaled the start of a major Sunni Arab revolt against Iran’s approaching takeover of Yemen, through its Houthi proxy, and advances in other strategic positions in the Middle East, with Washington’s support.
Thursday morning too, the US launched its first air strikes against Islamic State positions in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, rallying to the aid of the Iranian-commanded Iraqi operation, which had failed to dislodge the jihadis in two weeks of fighting.

The separate operations in Yemen and Iraq attested to the widening breach between the Sunni Arab camp and the Obama administration and the former’s resolve to thwart US strategy for buying a nuclear deal with Tehran by empowering Iran to attain the rank of leading Middle East power.
debkafile reported earlier Thursday morning:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are now leading war action in four Mid East arenas: Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon,while building Shiite “popular” armies deferring to Tehran in three: Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

The formal announcements coming from Riyadh and Washington attempted to gloss over the open breach. The Saudis Wednesday indicated that their military buildup on the Yemeni was “purely defensive,” while Washington subsequently declared support for the Saudi-Gulf-Egyptian air strikes after they began.

According to our Washington sources, President Obama decided Wednesday to accede to the Iraqi premier Haider al-Abadi’s request for air support to de-stall the Tikrit operation against ISIS. Iran’s Al Qods Brigades chief, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who commanded the operation from the start has departed the scene.

Nothing has been said to indicate whether the Iranian forces, including Revolutionary Guards officers, remain in the area. It appears that the Obama administration prefers as little as possible to be mentioned about US-Iranian battlefield coordination in Iraq versus the Islamists, especially since it was not exactly a big success. At the same time, US air strikes launched to support ground forces are bound to be coordinated with their commanders, who in this case happen to be mostly Iranian. In the last two weeks of the Tikrit operation, liaison between the US and Iranian military in Iraq was routed through the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad.

Early Thursday, Riyadh reported that the Saudi Royal Air Force had taken out Houthi air defenses, destroyed numerous Houthi fighter planes and were imposing a wide no-fly zone over Yemen.

Egypt is providing political and military support for Saudi-GCC operation against Houthi fighters in Yemen, the Egyptian state news agency said Thursday. Egypt's Foreign Ministry was quoted as saying this support could involve Egyptian air, naval and ground forces, if necessary.

debkafile’s military sources add: The Saudis declared Yemeni air space a no-fly zone to achieve to goals: (1) To deny the Yemeni forces advancing on the key port city of Aden access to air cover which would undoubtedly have been forthcoming from mutinous elements of the Yemeni air force. Without it, the rebel advance would be severely hobbled, and, (2) to prevent Iranian warplanes from landing at Yemeni air bases with deliveries of military equipment and ammunition their Houthi proxies.
Gulf sources disclose that Saudi Arabia has placed 100 warplanes and 150,000 troops with heavy weapons at the disposal of the operation against Iran’s Yemeni proxy, the Zaydi Houthis, as well as pressing into service Pakistani, Moroccan and Jordanian military units. This force is a sign that Riyadh intends of following up its air action with a ground invasion across the border into Yemen to crush the revolt in its backyard. Developing…

Iraqi politicians, groups angry over US meddling in Tikrit operations

▶ Iraqi politicians, groups angry over US meddling in Tikrit operations - YouTube


On Wednesday, the commander of the Iraqi armed forces, Prime Minister
Haider al-Abadi, announced the start of the completion of the final
stage of the liberation of Salahuddin province from the terrorists.
Army Aviation began conducting air strikes against ISIL strongholds in
Tikrit. 17 air raids were conducted on Thursday. Iraqi army says the
strikes resulted in the killing of ISIL militants including the Tikrit
governor and the destruction of several cars with machine guns.

is while the US Defense Department issued orders to launch strikes by
the US-led coalition against ISIL positions in Tikrit. The order has
caused anger and concern over the intension behind the decision. Iraqi
politicians and political groups are deeply skeptical about the move.

of Iraqi factions declared their unwillingness to participate in the
battle in the presence of the U-S-led coalition for fear of being
targeted just like what happened previously in Anbar province.

factions and popular committees consider the coalition’s presence in
the military operations as unnecessary and say the Iraqi air force is
capable of finishing the battle.

Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi says Al Saud implements US-Israeli projects in region

▶ Houthi leader: Al Saud implements US-Israeli projects in region - YouTube


Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi has slammed
Saudi Arabia as a quote-troublesome, hostile neighbor, which is
implementing US-Israeli projects in the region.

al-Houthi described the Saudi airstrikes in Yemen as criminal and
unjustified aggression, adding that Riyadh is walking on the path of
occupation, destruction and division of Yemen. He said Israel is the
first regime that felt threatened by the Ansarullah victories in Yemen.
Houthi added that Tel Aviv turned to Saudi Arabia because both sides
have mutual interests. According to the Houthi leader, Al Saud regime is
one of the root-causes of problems in Yemen. Houthi promised that
Saudi-Western project to chokehold the people of Yemen will fail and the
Yemeni nation as well as the army and popular committees will confront
the invaders with full force. Houthi however said that the invasion of
Yemen is not an easy task. He advised Egypt against selling itself out
to Saudi Arabia and the US.

Franklin Lamb says 'Crisis could deepen to all-out Sunni-Shia religious war, real aim is to stop Iran'

Yemen bombed: 'Crisis could deepen to all-out Sunni-Shia religious war, real aim is to stop Iran' - YouTube

The David Icke Videocast: Awaken

▶ The David Icke Videocast: Awaken - YouTube

The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

▶ The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed - YouTube



GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to
remember that the entire "free and open" internet as we know it is just a
flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship "bibles"
and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front
pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared?

Putin-led invasion to Falklands .. MSM fan new scandal involving Russia

▶ Putin-led invasion to Falklands | MSM fan new scandal involving Russia - YouTube


Blood-thirsty Putin is not just terrorizing everyone inside Russia and
its border countries, he's laid an eye on a bunch of Islands on the
opposite side of the Globe. That's according to mainstream media of
course. Putin's Falklands threat: Britain has to boost defenses, as
Russia arms Argentina - says the Mirror. In another headline - Falkland
Islands' fears for Russia-backed invasion. Russia questions Britain's
claim to the Falklands and is preparing to lease fighter jets to
Argentina in exchange for beef and wheat, says the Telegraph. Britain is
apparently so scared that they are sending two troop-carrying
helicopters to the Falklands and surface-to-air missile systems.

Gerald Celente on Boom Bust March 26, 2015

▶ Gerald Celente - Boom Bust - March 26, 2015 - YouTube

Gerald tells us what geopolitical effects the airstrikes will cause and gives us his take on the protests that followed the new ECB building in Germany. He also speaks somewhat negatively about the prospects for the European economy and Greece’s ability to prevent more austerity to come.

US,Gulf states join Saudi Arabia in rooting out Yemen rebels

▶ Gulf states join Saudi Arabia in rooting out Yemen rebels - YouTube


Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched airstrikes in Yemen against rebel Shiite Houthi forces gaining more ground. The mainly Gulf coalition, which also includes the US, is trying to help embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.


Great Wall of Plasma, GMOs | S0 News March 27, 2015

▶ Great Wall of Plasma, GMOs | S0 News March 27, 2015 - YouTube

US Terrorists To Start World War 3

▶ US Terrorists To Start World War 3 - YouTube

Thursday, March 26, 2015

X22Report The Middle East War Will Eventually Lead To World War - Episode 626

▶ The Middle East War Will Eventually Lead To World War - Episode 626 - YouTube


Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
More news visit
Report date: 3.26.2015

Jobless Claims are unchanged and have now stalled. Kansas FED economic
indicators show a collapse and do not match the US government and
corporate media report on the state of the economy.China may replace
Catepillar as Russia's partner. CISA is cyber surveillance on the
American people. Austalia will not collect meta data and store it for 2
years. People in Spain are protesting the gag law with holograms.
Ukraine moving heavy artillery up to the contact line. Saudi Arabia
attacks Yemen, other gulf countries ready to mount a ground offensive.
The Germanwings airliner crashed at the same time the Saudi offensive
began. Is this a distraction from the middle east war.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed_Alex Jones

Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed - YouTube


Alex Jones Responds To MSM Attacks on purpose of JADE Helm exercise

Jones covers the entire history of the Govt plan to use the Armed
Forces to infiltrate and disarm Americans. From A to Z the entire plan
is laid out, from the FEMA camps, to gun confiscation drills and the
rise of the police state.

Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (3-26-15)

▶ Infowars Nightly News: Thursday (3-26-15) - YouTube



Gordon Duff says this crash Is in no way manner nor form a credible accident or suicide

This Crash Is in no way manner nor form a credible accident or suicide | Veterans Today

  By Robert Hanson

By Gordon Duff with Col Jim Hanke, Lt. Col Steve Avery and FBI SSA Fred Coward

Last night, after consulting with team members, I broke the story of Flight 9525 on the Rense Radio Network. Not only was this no accident, it wasn’t a suicide either. This is a “fly by wire” jet. International convention required this plane to have certain anti-hijacking safeguards. One of them, complicated by German pig-headedness, left a co-pilot alone in a cockpit, something illegal in the US.

As humorist Rob Hanson points, out, what kind of plan figures a pilot can’t make two hours without a bathroom break? It all falls apart here, I hope you see it. Thank you Robert Hanson, the blind will lead us out of the wilderness.

There is nothing about yesterday’s crash of Germanwings 9525, a two hour shuttle flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf that can believed. Were this one crash, we might begin to accept what we expect, lies and deceit, but it isn’t one crash. This is the third? Are there more? Planes disappear, they are shot down by non-existent missiles seen by satellites suddenly disabled and radar that has conveniently failed, up to 15 independent systems.

Then again, there is the human factor. Is the “Charlie” episode, equally tragic-farcical a type of plane crash, one were street theatre, so much like the Boston event or Sandy Hook or London or Madrid, where these carelessly staged plays are acted out before a public increasingly incredulous to it all.

If you think this is a tragedy or something a bit unusual, perhaps odd, you aren’t paying attention. They have so much more of this planned. You are being punished. From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990:

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” (Credit to the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States Department of Defense)

We all knew this one was coming, coinciding with so many events, the meltdown of Kolomoisky and his thugs in Ukraine. 20,000 Iranian troops are engaged in battle around Tikrit, now under a carefully coordinated American air umbrella, an American now closely aligned in war alongside Syria and Iran.

A few hundred miles away, a Saudi led coalition prepares to enter Yemen on behalf of the Islamic State/Al Qaeda coalition being held off by Iranian backed Houthi militias.

More from Rense

Reading the tale of French air traffic controllers watching 9525 plunge inexorably ground ward is equally incredulous. This plane has a remote, satellite initiated fly by wire system. You see, 150 passengers and crew are one thing. Crashing a plane into a hospital, stadium or nuclear power plant, such as the ones directly under 9525’s flight path, is reason to initiate through satellite the Raython system.

Did the French forget it existed? Oh, did we tell you that the same system that can automatically land planes can crash them as well? Did we mention that the source code for the system is “less than secure” and that a nation known for cyber attacks, China, Russia, Israel or even the United States, is quite capable of taking control of any airliner at any time and plunging it into anything at all?

What is even better is that no investigator can legally mention this, no reporter can write of it, no one can admit such a system exists though any idiot with the money to buy a couple of drinks at an airport bar can find out. Pilots gossip like nobody’s business.

We can go further, we can tell you exactly how it works, what frequencies, how airports are selected and how a covert system meant to protect air passengers from tragedies like this and the rest of us from having hundreds of tons of aluminum and body parts dropped on our heads, is updated and patched.;;;;more This Crash Is in no way manner nor form a credible accident or suicide | Veterans Today

What Really Happened Radio w/Michael Rivero: Thursday (3-26-15)

What Really Happened Radio w/Michael Rivero: Thursday (3-26-15) - YouTube


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Watching the Hawks.. MIT Enters the Matrix, Iraq Makes Strange Bedfellows, & Crack Planting Cops

▶ [04] MIT Enters the Matrix, Iraq Makes Strange Bedfellows, & Crack Planting Cops - YouTube

Arab coalition launches 'Decisive Storm' offensive in Yemen..what are US officials prepared to do

▶ Arab coalition launches offensive in Yemen - YouTube


Saudi Arabia's allies have joined the country's 'Decisive Storm' bombing
operation in Yemen. The operation is aimed at Houthi rebels who have
taken over Yemen, bringing the Middle Eastern country to the brink of
civil war. Ameera David takes a deeper look at the conflict and what US
officials are prepared to do.

Yemeni people stage massive rally against Saudi Arabia's invasion

▶ Yemeni people stage massive rally against Saudi Arabia's invasion - YouTube

People from all walks of life have gathered en mass in the Yemeni capital Sana’a to denounce Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in their country.

The march has been called by the leadership of Ansarullah movement. Tens of thousands of people who’ve gathered in downtown Sana’a are rejecting Saudi involvement in their internal affairs. They are also promising to respond to quote-the conspiracy by the United States and Saudi Arabia against the people of Yemen.

Mixed reactions to Saudi airstrikes in Yemen - YouTube

Saudi Arabia says it has halted flights at seven airports in the south of the kingdom, amid its ongoing military aggression against neighboring Yemen.

The Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia says international and domestic flights have been halted at the airports from dawn on Thursday, and remain suspended until further notice. This comes as the Saudi attacks continue against Yemen amid silence form the international community. The Arab League and a number of other countries, including the US and Turkey are backing the invasion. US secretary of state, John Kerry has praised the military action. He says Washington will provide intelligence and targeting assistance as well as advisory and logistical support for the strikes against Yemen. Four Egyptian warships have also entered Suez en route to the Gulf of Aden.

Black Box Truth..In the Now with Anissa Naouai

▶ Black Box Truth |S2E108| - YouTube