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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (6-29-16) Larry Pinkney

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (6-29-16) Larry Pinkney - YouTube



None Dare Call It Conspiracy

If Obama is arming terrorist while at the same time disarming Americans - wouldn't that be considered treason?
Darrin McBreen talks to political activist and former member of the original Black Panther Party, Larry Pinkney, about
the Muslim refugee crisis that Donald trump calls a Trojan Horse.

The United Nation's Quiet Invasion Of The U.S.A

Something wicked this way comes. The elites have been backed into a corner by the Brexit and the potential downfall of the EU. Populism is sweeping the globe. While a still unseen event between the globalist's arrogant and criminal one sided policies against the law abiding freedom of the average American is reaching a breaking point.

In an opinion piece posted today on the Wall Street Journal, former Secretary of State, war criminal and New World Order cheerleader Henry Kissinger put it bluntly to any of the elites listening “The multilateral approach based on open borders for trade and the movement of peoples is increasingly being challenged, and now an act of direct democracy intended to reaffirm the status quo has rendered a damning verdict. However challenging this expression of popular sentiment, ignoring the concerns it manifests is a path to greater disillusionment.The Brexit vote has unleashed the anxieties of two continents and of all those who rely upon the stability that their union of purpose provides. The needed restoration of faith will not come through recriminations. To inspire the confidence of the world, Europe and America must demonstrate confidence in themselves."

As far as Confidence in Congress and The Executive branch goes, the average American has been fed up for years. And the elites Mr. Kissinger would pander to are completely clueless. Paul Joseph Watson writes "Council on Foreign Relations member James Traub argues that the elite need to “rise up” against the “mindlessly angry” ignorant masses in order to prevent globalization from being derailed by the populist revolt that led to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.

Traub’s tone is so contemptuous, he even describes the pro-Trump Republican base as “know nothing” voters and sneers at voters in Poland for being concerned about “values and tradition,” while stressing that the push for further globalization will pit “poor and non-white and marginal citizens” against “working-class and middle-class whites,” whom he describes as angry “fist-shakers”.

Well then, how do Traub and his tiny number of delusional ilk intend on “Rising Up” against the so called ignorant masses? Killer robots?

The UK’s Sun Newspaper claims terrorists are actively seeking to build a deadly army of intelligent killer robots. Yeah right, terrorists building the Terminator. But the Sun continues "That’s the terrifying claim from a piece of authoritative research published by the United Nations, which recently held an urgent meeting to discuss the threat posed by murderous machines.

Experts from dozens of countries convened in Geneva to consider the grim implications of “Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems” (LAWS) which are capable of killing without needing to have a human at the controls."

And there in lies the elites go to plan. The United Nation’s Army. Be they terrorist robots, child raping soldiers, radical islamists ,or simply your local city council member. By hook or by crook the United Nation's socialist Tsunami known as Agenda 2030 with a 15 year master plan to “transform” the world is underway.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Strong Cities Network at the UN in New York in September of 2015. Basically, a cancerous globalization of your neighborhood police force with its sights set on violent extremists i.e. constitutionalists aka Americans. A handful of cities have begun the transformation as Alex Newman of The New American writes "wherein control of local law enforcement is handed over to a London-based think-tank called the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD). It’s not just any old alliance that is behind the ISD. A quick search of the group’s website reveals the identity of its Board of Trustees: a cadre of internationalists that is second to none.

Among the 14 board members is found Charles Guthrie, Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank, a member of the House of Lords, who currently acts as a non-executive director of global financier, NM Rothschild & Sons and represents the firm’s interest on the Trilateral Commission. Guthrie also spoke at the 2011 meeting of the Bilderberg Group."
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BREAKING: Paris Terror Attack Weapon Linked to Fast & Furious

BREAKING: Paris Terror Attack Weapon Linked to Fast & Furious - YouTube


Is Eric Holder responsible for the Paris terror attacks? Judicial Watch reports that one of the guns used in the attack has been traced back to Phoenix, the site of the Obama Administration’s gun-running experiment Fast & Furious.

Back in March, Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck – working on behalf of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s family – first revealed on the Alex Jones Show that Operation Fast and Furious is ongoing, and that weapons are being resold by the cartels to broader international networks.


“What I would speculate is – dovetailing on what Tosh Plumlee has been on your program before and talked about – this is, I think, part of a much larger international gun running operation,” Smith-Meck said.

“We know from accounts from folks that are actually involved in running these weapons, in September of 2010, weapons – separate from what we would call Fast and Furious – were run down to Mexico, down to a town in Mexico, Caborca actually, met with a international middle eastern arms dealer and en route over to the Middle East,” the retired US Marine stated.

“And I think of great import, is a Moroccon DST commander – their DST is their internal security forces – on 16 October 2010, reported to his supervisors that Fast and Furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.”

Bernie, Please Meet with Jill Stein

Bernie, Please Meet with Jill Stein (See Petition) - YouTube


Dear Senator Sanders,

Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party has offered to work with you to run on the Green ticket, so that you two may join forces to continue our Political Revolution!

She has requested that you meet with her in order to discuss a possible collaboration between the two of you in order to not only ensure a continuum of our political revolution but to broaden our alliances in this fight for profound transformational change.

Senator Sanders, please understand that Dr. Stein is a true progressive who has always stood up for progressive values and has always spoken up for the common people. Just like you, Dr. Stein truly represents our values as progressives, therefore as your loyal voters and supporters, we ask that you show Dr. Stein the same respect that she has shown you and meet with her to discuss possible collaboration.

Senator Sanders, if we are truly pursuing a political revolution, it cannot end with the DNC’s decision to unethically nominate Hillary Clinton through rigged elections over you. Since you have met with Hillary Clinton twice, someone who does not represent any of our values then surely you can meet with Dr. Stein who represents us just as much as you do.

Bernie, please, we ask that you accept Dr. Stein’s offer and meet with her to solidify and grow our social movement.

A Future To Fight For!!!

PETITION: Bernie Sanders should meet with Dr. Jill Stein

Yemen/Bahrain update 6/29/2016..Ex-Advisor to Bahraini King Reveals S. Arabia's Hegemony over Al-Khalifa Regime

Yemen fighting on Mount Haylala province of Marib Video made by Saudi mercenaries

Yemen 28/06/2016 Huthis with Russian ATGM destroyed armored Saudi mercenaries

Yemen and the Yemeni Armed Forces Huthis at the front in the Nahm region, province Sana

Yemen Victims of Coalition airstrike Saudis in Taiz province

Iran leader raps UN for ignoring crimes in Yemen

Saudi Arabia on UN rights panel despite Yemen war crimes? 29 June 2016

NGOs want Saudi Arabia off UN rights council, State Department shrugs

Bahrain jails 27 citizens over terrorism charges

Ex-Advisor to Bahraini King Reveals S. Arabia's Hegemony over Al-Khalifa Regime

Former Security Advisor to Bahraini King Salah al-Bandar said the al-Khalifa regime is under the full control of Riyadh, adding that Manama has stripped the Shiite leader of his citizenship at the direct order of Riyadh.

"Bahrain has fully been occupied by the Saudi forces and the Bahraini rulers are just taking orders from the Saudis," Bandar said.

"The current situation in Bahrain and revoking Sheikh Issa Qassim of citizenship are the result of the implementation of the Saudi officials' orders who have failed in their plots in Yemen, Iraq and Syria," he added.

Bandar described the Sunni minority's inactive role in political activities as the main problem in Bahrain.

Since mid-February 2011, Bahrain, a close ally of the US in the Persian Gulf region, has been witnessing almost daily protests demanding that the ruling family relinquish power.

The Al Khalifa regime is engaged in a harsh crackdown on dissent and widespread discrimination against the country's Shia majority. Scores of people have been killed and hundreds of others injured or arrested in the island country.

Earlier this month, the government suspended the main Shia opposition party, al-Wefaq, accusing it of having links to foreign terrorists and inciting hatred. Sheikh Ali Salman, al-Wefaq’s secretary-general, was arrested in 2014 on charges of inciting violence. His sentence was doubled to nine years on appeal last month.

The cabinet decided to revoke the citizenship of Sheikh Isa, an indigenous Bahraini who applied for nationality to get a passport in the 1960s, after a presentation by the interior ministry. The lack of judicial oversight raised concerns among rights groups.

Stripping the nationality of dissidents has become a popular tool for Persian Gulf Arab littoral states battling domestic dissent, such as Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, where nationality is perceived by many as a privilege not a right.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says more than 250 Bahrainis have been stripped of their nationality for alleged disloyalty.

Palestinian/ Israeli update 6/29/2016..330 Palestinians arrested since start of Ramadan

Israel extends its high-tech barriers

330 Palestinians arrested since start of Ramadan

Iranians prepare to hold International Quds Day rallies

Iran condemns Israel’s attempts to Judaize al-Quds

Iranian President: Regional Conflicts Aimed at Diverting Attention from Israeli Crimes

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the main goal of the current turmoil and crises in the regional states is diverting attentions from the Zionists' 70 years of occupation and crimes against the Palestinian nation.

"By behind-the-scene attempts, terror, and creating conflicts among the regional and Muslim world countries and Muslim against Muslim and Muslim against Christian wars in recent years, the Zionists are trying to make others forget their crimes and make the Muslims, the regional people and the world forget the oppressed Palestine and the savagery of the Zionists," Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.

"We shouldn’t let the Zionists' big crimes be forgotten, and the oppressed Palestinian nation which has been displaced and forced out of its own home feel disappointment," he added.

Rouhani called on all Iranian and world nations to show massive turnout in the International Quds Day rallies on Friday.

His remarks came as millions of Muslims across the world are preparing to participate in the International Quds Day rallies on Friday to voice support for the Palestinian nation against the Israeli regime.

The International Quds Day was started by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, in 1979 as a way of expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and underscoring importance of the holy Quds to Muslims.

International Quds Day is an annual event opposing Israel's occupation of Beitul-Muqaddas. Anti-Zionist rallies and demonstrations are held on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim and Arab countries around the world, and especially in Iran.

X22Report Turkey Needs NATO To Defend Its Borders With Syria After The Terror Attack - Episode 1010b

Turkey Needs NATO To Defend Its Borders With Syria After The Terror Attack - Episode 1010b - YouTube


Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
Report date: 06.29.2016

What is the government preparing for, many individuals have spotted UN trucks being shipped and FEMA is preparing for food shortages. Merkel says the EU will extend sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. Ukraine moves military equipment up to the contact line. NATO double the number of troops and military assets near the Russian border. Putin has conversation with Erdogan and lifts sanctions. Turkey's false flag bombing is now blamed on the IS, Turkey calls in NATO to guard its borders using air patrols. CIA director says attacks will happen here in the US. Be prepared for upcoming false flags.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Watching the Hawks [267] U.S. Customs & Twitter Control and Death to Capital Punishment

[267] U.S. Customs & Twitter Control and Death to Capital Punishment - YouTube

What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday 6/29/16

What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Wednesday 6/29/16: (Commercial Free Video) - YouTube

Alex Jones : Commercial Free - Wednesday (6-29-16) 'Amerigeddon' filmmaker Gary Heavin

Alex Jones : Commercial Free - Wednesday (6-29-16) 'Amerigeddon' filmmaker Gary Heavin - YouTube



On this Wednesday, June 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue breaking down the terror attack in Turkey that left 41 dead at one of the largest airports in the world. Also, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a dead heat, following Trump's unveiling of his economic plan with emphasis on bringing jobs back to America. On today's show, filmmaker Gary Heavin discusses the success of his recent film "Amerigeddon," the elections and more. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission.
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X22Report Did The Central Bankers Plan The BREXIT To Create An EU Empire? - Episode 1010a

Did The Central Bankers Plan The BREXIT To Create An EU Empire? - Episode 1010a - YouTube    


Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel –

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Report date: 06.29.2016

Euro zone confidence dips. April spending comes a halt in May, incomes drop and savings drops. Pending home sales crash. Loan delinquencies surge and signal that the economy is about to crash. FED will most likely push NIRP. The Senate voted on the bill for Puerto Rico and passed it. France's Le Pen calls for a European spring. Was the BREXIT planned in advance to create an EU superstate?

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- June 29, 2016

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- June 29, 2016 (Full Show) - YouTube

Trump update 6/29/2016..Dead Heat

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Bangor, Maine (June 29, 2016) Donald Trump Bangor Rally Speech

Trump: The Era of Economic Surrender is Over!

Trade wars: Trump exploiting TPP schism within the DNC

Obama: Someone Who Says Something Controversial To Win Votes Isn't A Populist

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Tied In New Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump In Tight Race According To New Poll - The Five

New Poll: Clinton And Trump In Dead Heat - America's Election HQ

Ann Coulter on KSFO Morning Show (6/27/2016)

Trump Reacts To Istanbul Terror Attack

Trump’s Lawyer Accuses Hillary Of Murder

PressTV Debate Turkey Terror Attack

The Debate – Turkey Terror Attack - YouTube

Elites Openly Calling To Rise Up Against 'Ignorant Masses" _Luke Rudkowski

Elites Openly Calling To Rise Up Against 'Ignorant Masses" - YouTube


In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the brazen admission from James Traub a CFR member and heir to the Bloomingdale empire. Traub recently wrote an article for ForeignPolicy openly calling for the elites to rise up against the "fist shaking, mindless, angry, ignorant, know nothing masses. Check us out on inorder to grow our operations and continue to provide you free content. A $1 tip goes a long way for us.


SPECIAL EDITION: Article V – The Untold Story pt. 3 | The KrisAnne Hall June 29th. 2016

SPECIAL EDITION: Article V – The Untold Story pt. 3 | The KrisAnne Hall June 29th. 2016 - YouTube

ISIS update 6/29/2016..U.S Carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower joins fight against Jihadists in Iraq from the Mediterranean

What Putin and Erdogan agree upon during phone talk

‘Turkey to hit back hard; ISIS should have thought twice before attacking Ataturk airport'

Battles for Syria | June 28th 2016 | North Aleppo front

Syrian Air Force Su 22 Shot Down In Southern Aleppo

Syria, Southern Aleppo, Iraq/Iraqi - Imam Ali Brigade Soldiers

Footage of Syrian army operations in Jisreen farms in Eastern Ghouta

Syria, Deir Ez Zor, FSA Ahmad Al Abdo Martyr Brigade Battle to Liberate Abu Kamal from ISIS

Syrian army foils jihadists' massive attack on northern Latakia

The summary of the Battle of the Wilderness 18 way Raqqa Syria June 22, 2016

Over 100 detained for illegal entry into Lebanon

Operation Inherent Resolve "ISIL has offered stiff resistance"

U.S Carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower joins fight against Jihadists in Iraq from the Mediterranean

Syria: Infighting Intensifies between Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorists in Aleppo Province

Clashes between al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist groups intensified in Aleppo province after the former's senior commander was assassinated in Northern Syria.

Abu Abdullah Jabal, commander of Jeish al-Nusra which is an affiliate of Al-Nusra Front, was killed as a result of rivalries between Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front terrorists.

The assassination of Al-Nusra Front leaders in Idlib and Aleppo has considerably risen in recent months. The Al-Nusra Front in a statement has promised rewards for anyone giving any clue about the assassination of Al-Nusra Front's commanders in Idlib.

In early June, militant groups, operating in Northern Aleppo, stormed the positions of their ISIL rivals near the town of Marea and pushed the ISIL back from the town's countryside, battlefield sources said.

"The ISIL strongholds in the villages of Kaljabrean and Kafr Kalbean were attacked by the militant rivals, the sources said, adding, "The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the attack and fled the battlefield, which ended in the removal of ISIL siege on Marea from two Eastern and Northern directions."

Regardless of heavy infighting between the ISIL and its terrorist rivals across Syria in the recent months, the terrorist groups consider the legal government of the Syrian Bashar al-Assad as their number one enemy.

For instance, informed sources in the Northern town of Marea in Aleppo province disclosed on Sunday that despite engagement in several-month-long clashes the terrorist groups' leaders have close cooperation and coordination in military and logistical fields.

"Relations between senior commanders of the ISIL and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are different from the scenes of battles. The ISIL and FSA have close cooperation in several bedrocks," the sources said, adding, "Simple infiltration into the each others' checkpoints testifies the claim."

"The FSA fighters can easily move inside the ISIL-held regions, which shows the matter has been previously coordinated by the groups' commanders," the sources added.

Iraqi army advancing towards Mosul

Iraqi Army Repels ISIL's Heavy Attack on Key Region Near Fallujah, Destroys 450 Vehicles of Terrorists

The Iraqi army pushed back a heavy attack of the ISIL terrorist group on a strategic region in the Southern part of the city of Fallujah, and annihilated hundreds of ISIL's military vehicles.

The ISIL terrorists tried to assault Ameriya region in the Southern part of Fallujah city, but they were pushed back by the Iraqi army.

Ameriya region is located 23 kilometers to the South of Fallujah city.

Army reports said over 450 military vehicles of the ISIL were destroyed completely in the battle.

On Sunday, the commander of the Iraqi Army's Fallujah liberation operation declared the strategic Western city was fully liberated from ISIL terrorists.

The commander of the Fallujah liberation operation, Lieutenant General Abdul Wahab al-Sa’adi, told Iraqi state TV that the last remaining district held by ISIL in the city was retaken by the Iraqi security forces.

“We announce from this place in central Golan district that it has been cleared by the counter terrorism service and we announce the good news to the Iraqi people that the battle of Fallujah is now over,” he said.

Sa’adi further said at least 1,800 ISIL militants were killed in the Fallujah operation, adding that the operation "is done and the city is fully liberated".

Military confrontations in Fallujah have been ongoing on for more than a week, as Iraqi army forces were making great strides against remaining ISIL terrorists in the city.

Fallujah, located some 65 km (42 miles) West of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, is one of the largest cities in Anbar Province, The city was in control of ISIL since 2014.

Damascus: Intense Street Battle Underway between Syrian Army, Terrorists in Darayya

Syrian Army, Allies Capture over 60 Percent of Al-Malaah Farms in Aleppo

Terrorists' Military Column Targeted by Russian, Syrian Jets North of Idlib

Syria: Infighting Intensifies between Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar Al-Sham Terrorists in Aleppo Province

Syria: Documents Found in Manbij Reveal Turkey's Support for ISIL Terrorists

Syrian Army at Gates of Jamiat Al-Zahra Town in Aleppo

ISIL Withdraws from Key Airport near Euphrates River East of Syria

Watching the Hawks [266] ICE Cold Business & NC Teachers to the Office Immediately!

[266] ICE Cold Business & NC Teachers to the Office Immediately! - YouTube

Marine Le Pen delivers strong words in favour of Britain leaving the EU

Marine Le Pen delivers strong words in favour of Britain leaving the EU - YouTube

The European Union has become a prison of peoples. Each of the 28 countries that constitute it has slowly lost its democratic prerogatives to commissions and councils with no popular mandate. Every nation in the union has had to apply laws it did not want for itself. Member nations no longer determine their own budgets. They are called upon to open their borders against their will.

Countries in the eurozone face an even less enviable situation. In the name of ideology, different economies are forced to adopt the same currency, even if doing so bleeds them dry. It’s a modern version of the Procrustean bed, and the people no longer have a say.

And what about the European Parliament? It’s democratic in appearance only, because it’s based on a lie: the pretense that there is a homogeneous European people, and that a Polish member of the European Parliament has the legitimacy to make law for the Spanish. We have tried to deny the existence of sovereign nations. It’s only natural that they would not allow being denied.

Brexit wasn’t the European people’s first cry of revolt. In 2005, France and the Netherlands held referendums about the proposed European Union constitution. In both countries, opposition was massive, and other governments decided on the spot to halt the experiment for fear the contagion might spread. A few years later, the European Union constitution was forced on the people of Europe anyway, under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty. In 2008, Ireland, also by way of referendum, refused to apply that treaty. And once again, a popular decision was brushed aside.

When in 2015 Greece decided by referendum to reject Brussels’ austerity plans, the European Union’s antidemocratic response took no one by surprise: To deny the people’s will had become a habit. In a flash of honesty, the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, unabashedly declared, “There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.”

Brexit may not have been the first cry of hope, but it may be the people’s first real victory......Marine Le Pen  for nationalism and the end of the EU

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