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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

US Gov't has enough BioWeapons to Kill Everyone on Earth - Dispersal plans are in place - Globalists continue to promise they will exterminate 90 plus percent of Humans

This is no joke, active population control murder is not enough for these bloodthirsty barons, they have plans to release plagues, WW3 nuclear war, fake natural disasters, and fake alien attacks to escalate the extermination of free humanity.

Everyone that is alive on earth that isnt in a globalist family bloodline dynasty will eventually be a prisoner of the one world order state, litteraly, or murdered in cold blood.

The plan all along was total enslavement of man, read the UN and FEMA documents, the end game isnt freedom anywhere, anyone that isnt killed will be incarcerated in forced labor camps to live as dogs and slaves of the kleptocratic elite.

Jones: This is maybe the most important story of our day: The stage is set for an Apocalyptic depopulation of planet Earth by diabolical fascists ruling with callous disregard for human decency

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