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Saturday, June 15, 2013

When a Pathological Liar Becomes a Murdering Psychopath Full article at this link


Right when a media distraction was needed, "proof" of Assad using chemical weapons surfaced, which could well lead to world war 3
How do you spot when a pathological liar is also a murdering psychopath? Catch the pathological liar doing something bad. Unfortunately, murdering psychopaths are frequently pathological liars as well, and WHAT did the U.S. government do within two days of being caught doing something bad via the NSA? Hatch a pathological lie about Assad "using chemical weapons", to justify having that same government play the role of murdering psychopath and commit another act of evil to distract a mind numbed public from the evil it committed elsewhere

If they succeed in fronting this lie, it's WAR ON.
An appeal to the intelligence of this world - WAKE UP. You know what America is by now. To all foreign governments - WAKE UP, you know what America is by now. You saw America use the weapons of mass destruction excuse in Iraq to justify that war. THEY JUST GOT NAILED RAPING YOU WITH THE NSA. And ALL of your intelligence agencies ought to know about the rogue the American government has become at the hand of Israel. COME ON NOW, DO NOT support this illigitimate, pathological lying, pathological spying, pathological murdering rigged election government in a new war effort that could well end up being world war 3.

What do you want to remember years from now? Would you like to remember laughing in the American Government's face regarding this new accusation against Assad, and remember telling the U.S. to STUFF IT and to NOT go to war after learning what their intelligence apparatus was really doing to you, or would you instead prefer to remember being a no brained sissy, incapable of applying an ounce of thought to anything, who then jumped on the bandwagon with a nation that freshly raped you and become a murdering psychopath as well?

If you are stupid enough to believe the Hollywood propaganda about American freedom after learning about the latest stupid pet trick from the NSA, GOD HELP THE WORLD, and may those who can think join forces against this psychopathical lying and murdering tyranny that was once the great United States and kick it's illegitimate unlawfully "elected" government's ass back to the stone age along with all other governments stupid enough to ally themselves with that which has become so evil.

The world has a few tough choices to make now. Obviously the U.S. government has gone full rogue, along with Israel, and is NOT going to stop genetic manipulation via companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta, and it is OBVIOUS that America one day intends to ram it's tainted GMO down the world's throat, YOUR THROAT. It is also obvious that tainted vaccines are part of the mix, as well as biological outbreaks, endless psy ops, endless spying, and in the end, endless tyranny. You have a choice to make. Allow the American government to issue false accusation upon false accusation against innocent nations, while building to even greater levels of power that will one day be used to subjugate you, or SAY NO TO THE LIES RIGHT NOW, and turn America packing. Absent the wars for profit based on fronted lies, America is finished and will not be able to threaten your future. DO NOT play the role of enabler by going along with the latest lie. Even the bees will thank you for having a backbone.

And in the end, if it does come down to war, do not fear the monster. True, America has an amazing war machine based on a multi trillion dollar budget, but when the cards are on the table, the winner tells the tales and NUKES ARE CHEAP

Forget the whitewash surrounding Snowden, HE NAILED IT!
The elite establishment is in a horrendous state of panic, making up all types of discrediting BS, about Snowden being CIA and handed the docs by the CIA, about him being a dropout, and coming soon - AN ALIEN IMPLANT MADE HIM DO IT. But if you want the real scoop, just take it from another NSA white hat, what is below REALLY peeved the establishment because IT NAILS IT.

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