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Monday, October 13, 2014

Anonymous: Operation Shock Drop

Anonymous: Operation Shock Drop - YouTube

To the citizens of Ferguson, and from around the world.
We are anonymous.
5 operations will be engaged by the end of this video. We will explain in quick detail the specificity of these operations.
Operation Ferguson: We will proceed to dismantle
websites that are connected with the Ferguson Police Department. At a
given time, we will also expose and release information of high ranking
police officers if they keep committing or engaging their barbaric
attacks on protesters. Yet. the end result is for the FPD to fully
co-operate with protesters in a diplomatic, patient and open-minded
manner, even, if these protesters are from another city. If the FPD
don't alter or modify their unjust tactics, we will not halt our actions
and engagements.
Operation Hands Up: This operation was given to the
citizens of the world. Its purpose was to make your voice heard over
police brutality and police aggression. The operation was a success, and
the movement is garnering more support each day. We ask all to use the
hashtag #HandsUp, to show your solidarity with those in Ferguson, and to
the many citizens that have been unjustly prosecuted by the broken
system. We will operate tirelessly around the clock to share your
photos, videos and feeds.
Operation Ferguson Blackout: Its cause is simple and
straightforward, expose any main stream media outlet, or affiliate, that
may be spreading misinformation, propaganda, or falseness.
Operation Cop watch: This op is solely based on
overseeing the police from outside the protesting rally and overseeing
them for any misconduct. We ask the citizens to have guardians in each
event, not for the purpose to interfere if cops start being brutal, but
for the purpose to stay both watchful and wary, for any cop that might
have the potential to incite and or cause a fight, hence, we ask you to
take photos, or record the specific officer involved, whichever manner
deems fit.
Operation Cop Block: If you feel uneasy of a cop that
you see repeatedly that might have the potential in inciting fights and
or spark aggression, leading to tear gas being thrown and pepper spray
being used, we can hopefully counter such effect if everyone were to
verbally pressure the specific cop into not committing such a heinous
act. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. We are in this
together, as one.
We ask those to keep organizing their just movements
that take the necessary steps to expose corrupt policemen when it comes
to cop watch and cop block. We must also stress that police brutality is
a universal problem, this operation is not solely based in Ferguson,
this message goes across every border.
We also ask each member of their community organizing
these rallies to demand that looting, and rioting will not be a problem,
we need to show those in power that we are more in control than they
are, riots and looting will only undermine the cause and it will give
the powers that be an excuse to apply further force. From now on, those
who are committing such low-life acts will be considered members of the
counter-intelligence program. We will be watching the situation,
closely, and with caution.
Operation Ferguson, engaged.
Operation Hands Up, engaged.
Operation Ferguson Blackout, engaged.
Operation Cop Watch, engaged.
Operation Cop Block, engaged.
We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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