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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (6-8-16)

Infowars Nightly News: Wednesday (6-8-16) - YouTube



Sanders Staffers Feeling The Burn
Bernie laid off a large amount of his staff this week. The Tuesday primary numbers have taken a toll on the Vermont Senator.

Judge Begs Americans To “Wake Up” Over FBI Web Snooping Law
Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano has issued a stark warning over legislation being considered by Congress that would allow the FBI free access to the web browsing history of all Americans without a warrant.

Billion Dollar Terrorism Cells Expand In Central America

Our borders are wide open. Now that last sentence may generate a collective yawn among a large swath of Americans. And some Americans may even consider that sentiment as racist. But their undivided attention on the matter of our open border may soon be met with an electric jolt of yet another hidden danger slipping into the United States.

It didn't take long for Obama's disastrous Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal to grow legs. As a result,The Iranian Government, a supporter of the Shia Militant group Hezbollah, recently had $100 billion in frozen assets...thawed due to Obama's mindless Arms deal. The House Financial Services committee Task force met on the Hill today to investigate the mushrooming threat of sophisticated Shell Corporation terrorism financing in Central America.

But don't expect the Obama Administration to provide any real answers. That would be a miracle. Instead, White House spokesman Josh Earnest has chosen to cover up statements he clearly made about the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

This may not be what the sheeple want to hear right now. But America is flirting with a horrific disaster. Those hard core realities spun by mainstream media going on a world away, are inevitably coming to America sooner than later. Multi Million dollar Terrorism financing is happening for a reason. And when they strike. The sheeple are going to beg for our borders to be controlled. Of course by then a United States under Martial Law will hear none of the bleating.
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