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Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 In Review - On the Brink of Nuclear Annihilation - New Paradigm is a choice between a Multi-polar World or Nuclear Winter

Oliver Stone rips apart Obama's legacy He's a war criminal

Obama’s “Pathological Legacy”: Heartless War Crimes, “Saving the Victims”. “Political Munchausen Syndrome” by Proxy

By Prof. James Petras
Global Research, January 24, 2017


The malady, common among political leaders who commit heartless crimes while craving popular adulation as heroes and misunderstood saints, is ‘Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy’ (PMSP).

PMSP best explains the pathologic drive of politicians and policy makers who inflict relentless, systematic mass destruction and then intervene in a most theatrical manner to save a few victims – thus drawing gratitude from the victim and public support for their ‘humanitarian intervention’ – ignorant of their fundamental role in creating the mayhem in the first place.

The actions of the outgoing President Barack Obama in the last three days of his administration present an example of PMSP on the domestic front.

Throughout his eight years as President of the United States , Obama exhibited many symptoms of PMSP – both abroad and in the US . For his cynical crimes, he was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ among other honors.

PMSP – The Abuser as Savior

Each of Obama’s relentless military interventions, including Libya , Somalia , Yemen , Iraq , Afghanistan and especially Syria , were characterized by the deliberate and total destruction of the means of normal civilized social existence for defenseless civilians – the bombing of homes, factories, markets, weddings, funerals, schools, hospitals – leading to the deaths of many thousands and the uprooting of millions into desperate flight. In each case, Obama would proclaim that he was saving the victims from imminent genocide by an abusive ruler or ethnic group. He would rush in to provide a few baskets of relief and a few blankets to some bedraggled survivors of his own bombing campaigns and bask in the glowing praise of mass media propagandists and fellow imperialists. Choreographed applause and adulation would seem to follow America ’s First Black Presidenteverywhere.

Obama’s bombs, arms and mercenaries drove hundreds of thousands of families into the streets, into the mountains and most horrifically onto rickety, overloaded boats on the seas. In each series of destruction and chaos, he would calculate the point at which his ‘humanitarian intervention’ would most effectively reflect on his heroism.

He destroyed the entire nation of Libya, shredded its institutions and infrastructure, bombed its cities and villages, even deliberately sending a deadly missile into the home sheltering a half dozen of President Muammar Gadaffi’s small grandchildren and finally ended up with the public death by torture of the wounded Libyan president sodomized by stakes documented in a imperial-pornographic snuff film that should have revolted the entire world. That the main victims of Obama’s ‘liberation of Libya ’ were hundreds of thousands of black Libyan citizens and sub-Saharan African workers did little to detract from his public persona as the first ‘African American’ world hero. The capsized boatloads of fleeing black Libyans and the bloated bodies washing ashore on the beaches of Spain and Italy were never linked to the criminal policies of our Nobel Prize recipient! He even urged Europe to accept the miserable refugees fleeing his war – in a gesture of supreme PMSP. He could do no wrong. This serial political killer had an unquenchable thirst for sympathy and admiration – and a wholly corrupt propaganda machine to polish his halo.

Obama’s PMSP and Chelsea Manning

In his last few days in power, Obama turned his ‘heroic and humanitarian’ attention to individual American victims of grotesque injustice in our bloated and racist prison system – just to prove that the great man could ‘set up’ and then save individuals as well as nations.

The cold, calculus of the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy President finally focused on the fragile form of the imprisoned and tortured Chelsea Manning – hero to millions and condemned traitor to the empire’s ruling elite. For eight years, Barack Obama pursued the arrest, torture, kangaroo court-martial, virtual life sentencing and prison mistreatment of the US soldier who had dared to expose large-scale war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and release thousands of damning documents of systematic political war crime hidden from her compatriots. She released videos of US pilots playing ‘execution games’ against a crowd of defenseless Iraqi civilians, including children, as well as equally egregious war crimes elsewhere.

Obama and his fellow war criminals were furious at Manning’s revelations – and approved of her sentence of 35 years, some of which had been served before her conviction in solitary confinement, often stripped naked – in a condition described by the United Nations as torture and inhumane treatment. After her conviction, she was harassed and driven to multiple attempts to take her life.

After seven years of brutal and degrading treatment, spanning almost the entire Obama Administration, the condition of the frail transgender soldier-hero, almost a martyr to truth and justice, her supporters and the world community were desperate with concern for her safety, survival and sanity. At this point, and in the last three days of her administration on January 17, 2017, Obama ‘commuted Manning’s sentence’ but left it to the incoming Trump Administration to free her five months later in May.

Instead of celebrating the liberation and vindication of the hero Chelsea Manning in May, the media drowned out the plight of the frail tortured whistleblower with its loud tributes to the mercy and heroism of the serial abuser – Barack Obama.


In his last days, Obama played the ‘Merciful Pasha’ commuting Manning’s virtual life sentence – which he still justified. Obama did so in a way that literally begged the incoming rabidly reactionary regime of Donald Trump to rescind the commutation or at least impose such levels of torture and pressure on Manning that her very survival and sanity in prison up to her scheduled release in May will be in grave jeopardy.

The most virulent militarists in the US Congress, including the war criminal John McCain, are howling for Manning’s head. While they will torture Manning during the next 5 months behind thick prison walls, the press will compare the vindictive Trump with the benevolent Obama. This is a cynical ‘set-up’ for our hero, Chelsea Manning to be driven to suicide by Trump while her ultimate persecutor, the ‘saintly’ Barack Obama will ‘shine’ for having issue the belated commutation. Obama could easily have released Manning earlier and spared her this mortal danger – but he chose to tie the poor prisoner to a stake – under the blood-lusting noses of our most sadistic militarists – and invite their public display of savagery.

In one very self-glorifying pronouncement, three days before leaving office, Obama has sanctified himself at Manning’s expense and insured Chelsea ’s destruction. This is virtuosic Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy by a true master!
The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Prof. James Petras, Global Research, 2017Could Turkey swing over to the Russian camp?
by Thierry Meyssan

Even though, historically, Russia has a weighty past with Turkey, and even though it has not forgotten the personal rôle played by current President Erdoğan, to its detriment, during the the first Chechen war, it can not fail to be interested by the possibility of Ankara leaving NATO. On the other hand, the deep US state, which continues to pursue its imperial ambitions despite the election of Donald Trump, is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Turkey in the Atlantic Alliance.

What John Kerry does in daylight, Victoria Nuland undoes at night.

In order to guarantee his personal survival, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has launched a vast purge of all the pro-US elements in his country — a purge which he must add to the combats in which he is already engaged against Syria, against the PKK, and now also against his ex-mercenaries from Daesh.

The destruction of US influence began with the eradication of Fethullah Gülen’s Hizmet — Gülen is the Islamist preacher who works for the CIA from Pennsylvania. It continues today with the dismissal and often the arrest not only of all the military personnel linked to the United States, but also all secular military personnel in general. You can’t be too careful.

450 of the 600 Turkish senior officers in service at NATO have been called back to Turkey. More than 100 of them, and their families, have requested political asylum in Belgium, headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance.

The first consequence of this anti-secular purge is that the Turkish army will be headless for a long time. In the space of five months, 44% of the generals have been fired, and this, despite the fact that during the Ergenekon scandal, 70% of the senior officers at the time were dismissed, arrested and imprisoned. Deprived of its command structure, operation «Euphrates Shield» is at a standstill.

Erdoğan is therefore obliged to revise his military ambitions downwards for the next few years — in Syria, Iraq and Cyprus — three states he partially occupies. He has therefore let go of East Aleppo (Syria) — but not Idleb — and is preparing to withdraw from Bachiqa (Iraq).

Seen from Washington, a possible exit by Turkey from NATO, or at least from the Integrated Military Command of the Atlantic Alliance, has the imperialist faction of Power in a cold sweat. In terms of numbers, the Turkish army is in fact the second NATO power after the United States. However, a possible exit from the Alliance may be something of a relief for the Donald Trump faction, for whom Turkey is a rudderless country.

This is the source of the neo-conservative «forcing» aimed at bringing Turkey back into the «course of History» (meaning that of the «New American Century»). Thus, the assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, is attempting to offer Cyprus to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — a project she conceived after the elections of November 2015, when President Barack Obama ordered the elimination of the Turkish President.

By blackmailing Cypriot President Níkos Anastasiádis, Mrs. Nuland pressured him to accept her «peace plan» for Cyprus — the island would be reunified and demilitarised (in other words, deprived of its army) — while NATO (in real terms, Turkish troops) — would be deployed. In this way, the Turkish army could complete its conquest of the island without having to fight. In case he should refuse this fool’s bargain, President Anastasiádis could be tried in New York for his implication as a lawyer in the business dealings for Imperium, the company belonging to his Russian friend Leonid Lebedev – a two billion dollar affair.

Thus, the split with NATO would cost Turkey the North-East part of Cyprus, which it currently occupies, while remaining in the Atlantic Alliance would offer it the whole of the island.

Of course, in a few weeks Victoria Nuland should be replaced by the new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, but the group she represents will probably not lose all its power. Mrs.Nuland is a member of the founding family of the Project for a New American Century, which played a part in the planning of the events of 11 September 2001. Her father-in-law, Donald Kagan of the Hudson Institute, trained the neo-conservatives and the disciples of Leo Strauss in the military history of Sparta. Her brother-in-law, Frederick Kagan, from the American Entreprise Institute, looked after public relations for Generals David Petraeus and John R. Allen. Her sister-in-law, Kimberly Kagan, created theInstitute for the Study of War. Her husband, Robert Kagan, is today salaried by the ex-Emir of Qatar at the Brookings Institution. Four personalities, five think-tanks, but a single ideology.

As for Victoria, she was successively ambassador to NATO, spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton, and organiser of the coup d’etat in Kiev in February2014. She helped Presidents Petro Porochenko and Erdoğan with the official creation of the «Islamic International Brigade», which organised vast sabotage operations in Russia. Her actions will probably be continued by the US deep state against the Trump administration.

It is the group behind the Kagans which is pursuing the war in Syria, with no other motive than remaining in power. Not only was President Barack Obama incapable of expelling them from his administration, but a personality like Victoria Nuland, who was considered to be a figurehead of the Bush administration, had no difficulty in rising through the ranks of the Democratic administration and organising a wave of Russophobia. While she worked in close collboration with Hillary Clinton, she never stopped sabotaging the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, aided and abetted by her friend Jeffrey Feltman, the real commander of UNO.

Knowing Erdoğan’s capacity for sudden changes of strategy, Moscow will either have to soothe the anxieties of Anastasiádis, or propose something more attractive to Ankara in order to keep it midstream between the United States and Russia.


Two separate worlds
by Thierry Meyssan

During a very important meeting of the Security Council – not even mentioned in the Western Press – on 28 October, the United States voted against UNO cooperation with regional organisations which include Russia, and therefore also China. By refusing to work with others, and thus to admit that other powers are their equals, Washington has taken the path towards a division of the world into two distinct spheres and the end of economic globalisation.

On 28 October 2016, the United States voted against the UNO working with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - represented here by its General Secretary, the Tajik Rashid Alimov - on the grounds that Russia is a member. The SCO represents more than 40% of the world’s population .© UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Moscow called for a special meeting of the Security Council on 28 October 2016, to debate the cooperation between the UNO and the certain regional organisations. Ambassador Vladimir Churkin, who was then presiding the Council, invited the representative of the Commonwealth of Independent States (the Russian Sergey Ivanov, CIS), the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (Russian General Nikolai Bordyuzha, CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (Tajik Rashid Alimov, SCO).

The three General Secretaries presented the work of their organisations - cooperation between the states of the ex-Soviet Union for the CIS, a military alliance for the CSTO, and a regional cooperation to stabilise central Asia for the SCO. They stressed their contribution to the UNO concerning the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism – two subjects which are unanimously approved by the international community, although everyone knows that these plagues are created and controlled by the United States.

Although everything started well, and the different ambassadors who are members of the Security Council were congratulatng one another on this breath of fresh air, the meeting took a turn for the worse after the presentations by the ambassadors of Ukraine and the United States. Concerned about preventing these three organisations from troubling the monopoly of NATO and the European Union, they accused Russia of all sorts of crimes, and denounced these organisations as covers intended to mask Russian expansionism. The US ambassador concluded that, in these conditions, it was not possible to envisage any form of cooperation of the UNO with these organisations, including the SCO, in other words, also with China.

We find here the position held by various participants during Geneva Conference 2 – while everyone is in theory united against terrorism, Washington does not see this problem as being a priority, but puts the demands of its own imperialism first. Except that this time, it has not attacked Syria, but offended both Russia and China.

The world is therefore paying for the fog that has surrounded the fight against terrorism since 2001. Let us remember that terrorism is not an enemy in itself, but a method of combat used by enemies.

Washington has thus closed the only exit that was open to it. The Obama administration refuses to rcognise the development of Russia, the world’s major conventional military power, and of China, the world’s major economic power. It refuses to let go of the unipolar organisation of the world which was set up after «Desert Storm», in 1991, and pursues its wars in the Levant and in Ukraine with the unique aim of cutting the two land supply routes from China to Western Europe.

Given that its position is untenable in the short term, and that it does not want a World War, Washington is preparing to separate the world in two. This does not mean a replay of the Cold War, where the world was one, even if it was administered by two powers, but a new structure – on one side a unipolar world governed by the United States alone, and on the other a number of independent and refractory states cooperating together around Russia and China, and with the fewest possible number of bridges between these two worlds. This implies the end of world free trade, the organisation of world commerce, and economic globalisation, and thus constitutes a gigantic step backwards.

If Washington persists in this direction, it will have to withdraw militarily from Syria and allow peace to return – except on the Iraqi border, where it will maintain its interdiction of the Silk Road. Because of the United States this time, an impenetrable barrier will circle the globe and divide Humanity, just as the Berlin Wall separated the population of the ex-capital of Germany, dividing its families for almost half a century. It will therefore become very difficult for the Syrians, who fled to foreign lands to escape the jihadists, to return home and join with their families again. And it will become impossible for a Westerner to spend his holidays in Moscow or buy Chinese computers.
Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley

Al-Watan (Syria)
 - New Paradigm is a choice between a Multi-polar World or Nuclear Winter  

Journal of the Change of World Order 11 & 12 by Thierry Meyssan

Washington is attempting to hold to its positions without having to start a Third World War, but it looks like an impossible task. Moscow is offering the United States a safe exit in Syria and Yemen. But if they should choose this option, they would be obliged to abandon some of their allies.


The bald eagle, symbol of the United States.

Since the collapse of the cessation of hostilities agreement during Aïd, a rift has opened between the carefree atmosphere of Western societies and the gravity of Russian and Chinese societies.

In Moscow, the television broadcasts information on anti-atomic shelters and «assault course» team games, while in Washington, everyone laughs at the paranoid Russians who believe that there may be a Third World War.

And yet the two major powers are sending one another signals that would scare anyone. After the US threatened to bomb Syria, Moscow has broken its agreement on the limitation of plutonium stocks, and ajusted its launch system for nuclear weapons by firing three intercontinental missiles. The spokesperson for the Russian army has warned his counterparts, and announced that his armement was capable of destroying all US aircraft, whether they be cruise missiles or stealth fighters. The chief of staff for the US land army proudly replied that in case of a frontal war, the aviation and marines of both armies would quickly be neutralised, and that Washington would win the war on the ground. These bellicose declarations did not particularly impress the Russians, but worried members of Congress to the point that 22 of them wrote to President Obama to ask him to promise not to be the first to start a nuclear war. Moscow gave instructions to its diplomats on post in the NATO countries to repatriate their families and prepare to leave in their turn.

In former times, the Romans assured that «If you want peace, prepare for war». (Si vis pacem, para bellum). The idea was that during a period of international dispute, victory would be won, without war, by the side that seemed capable of winning by the use of military might.

The fact is that the Russian population is preparing for war (for example, this week, 40 million Russians participated in excercises for the evacuation of buildings and fire-fighting), while the Western populations continued to shuffle unconcernedly through their shopping malls.

Of course, we can hope that reason will prevail and that we will avoid a Third World War. In any event, this sabre-rattling attests to the fact that the gamble that has been playing out for the last five years in Syria was not what we thought it was. While at the beginning, the State Department was working to implement its plan for the «Arab Spring» - in other words the overthrow of the region’s secular régimes in order to replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood - Russia and China quickly concluded that the world could no longer be governed by the United States - and that they should no longer be in a position to decide the life or death of the People.

By cutting the historic Silk Road in Syria, and then the new Silk Road in Ukraine, Washington inhibited the development of both China and Russia, forcing them to work together. The unexpected resistance of the Syrian people forced the United States to risk their world domination. The world, which had become unipolar in 1991 with «Desert Storm», is now on the point of returning to its bipolar state, and will perhaps even become multipolar later on.

In 1990-91, the change of world order had been imposed without war (the invasion of Iraq was not the cause, but the consequence), but at the cost of the interior collapse of the Soviet Union. The quality of life for the ex-Soviets diminished drastically – their society was profoundly disorganised, their national wealth was pillaged on the pretext of being privatised, and their life expectancy was reduced by more than 20 years. After having at first believed that this defeat was the fault of Sovietism, we know today that the fall of the USSR was also – perhaps especially – the fruit of economic sabotage by the CIA.

It is therefore not impossible to to attain a new balance of world power without a generalised confrontation. And in order to avoid a World War, the discussion between John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov has progressed from the battle of Aleppo to a general cease-fire for all of Syria and also Yemen. And in fact, we have seen the announcement of an 8-hour truce in Aleppo and a 72-hour truce in Yemen. The problem is that the United States can not retreat to equality with Russia from its uncontested first place – which they took by force and then used so poorly – without paying the price, either alone or with their allies.

Strangely, the five Arab states, Turkey and Iran, who had been invited to Lausanne by Kerry and Lavrov, left apparently satisfied by the meeting. Yet it was their future which was in question. None of them seem to think that heads had to fall, like those of the Warsaw Pact. In the present situation, it is possible to abstain from wiping out part of Humanity, but the importance of the US withdrawal will be measured by the number and importance of the allies they will have to sacrifice. Thierry Meyssan

Translation Pete Kimberley
Source Al-Watan (Syria)


Looking for a scape-goat
by Thierry Meyssan

In Berlin, Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine made an effort to disentangle the Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts. However, from the Russian point of view, these blockages only exist because the objective of the United States is not the defence of democracy, on which they pride themselves, but the prevention of the development of Russia and China by cutting the Silk Roads. Disposing of conventional superiority, Moscow therefore did everything possible to link the Middle East with Eastern Europe. It managed to do so by exchanging the extension of the truce in Syria for the end of the blockage of the Minsk agreements. As for Washington, it is still seeking to offload its guilt onto one of its allies. After having failed with Turkey, the CIA is now turning to Saudi Arabia.


The conflict opposing the United States to Russia and China is evolving on two fronts – on one hand, Washington is looking for a possible scape-goat to bear the responsibility for the war against Syria, and on the other, Moscow, which has already connected the situations in Syria and Yemen, is now attempting to link them to the Ukrainian question.

Washington seeks a scape-goat

In order to disengage without losing face, the United States have to blame one of their allies for their crimes. They have three possibilities – either blame Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or both. Turkey is present in Syria and in Ukraine, but not in Yemen, while Saudi Arabia is present in Syria and Yemen, but not in Ukraine.


We now dispose of verified information about what really happened on 15 July in Turkey – these data oblige us to revise our initial judgement.

First of all, it transpired that handing Turkey the management of the jihadist hordes after the attack which wounded Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan was not without problems - indeed, while Bandar was an obedient intermediary, Erdoğan pursued his own strategy for the creation of the 17th Turko-Mongol empire, which led him to use the jihadists independently of his mission.

Besides this, the United States could not avoid levying sanctions against President Erdoğan for aligning his country economically with Russia while he was still a military member of NATO.

Finally, with the crisis in the world power structure, President Erdoğan became the ideal scape-goat for the US to extricate itself from the Syrian crisis.

From the US point of view, the problem is not Turkey, which is an indispensable regional ally, nor Hakan Fidan’s MIT (secret services) which organises the world jihadist movement, but Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself.

Consequently, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) first of all attempted, in August 2013, to instigate a colour revolution by organising demonstrations at Gezi Park in Istanbul. Either the plan failed, or the US changed its mind.

The decision was taken to overthrow the Islamists of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) by vote. The CIA had organised the transformation of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) into a true party of the minorities, and also prepared an alliance between it and the Socialists of the Republican People’s Party (CHP). The HDP adopted a wide-open programme for the defence of ethnic minorities (Kurds) and social minorities (feminists, homosexuals), and included an ecological chapter. The CHP was reorganised for two reasons – to mask the over-representation of the Alevis in the party, and with a view to promoting the candidacy of the ex-President of the Supreme Court. However, while the AKP lost the elections in July 2015, it proved impossible to execute the alliance between the CHP and the HDP. As a result, a new round of general elections was held in November 2015, but they were brutally rigged by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Washington therefore decided to physically eliminate Mr. Erdoğan. Three assassination attempts occurred between November 2015 and July 2016. Contrary to what has been reported, the operation of 15 July 2016 was not an attempted coup d’état, but an attempt to eliminate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan alone. The CIA used Turko-US industrial and military connections in order to recruit a small team within the Air Force to execute the President during his holidays. However, this team was betrayed by Islamist officers, (who represent almost a quarter of army personnel), and the President was warned an hour before the arrival of the commando. He was then transferred under the protection of a loyalist military escort. Aware of the foreseeable consequences of their failure, the conspirators launched a coup d’état without any preparation, and while the streets of Istanbul were still full of people. Obviously enough, they failed. The repression which followed was not aimed only at arresting the authors of the attempted assassination, nor even the soldiers who rallied to the improvised coup d’état, but all pro-United States activists – first of all the secular Kemalists, then the Islamists of Fethullah Gülen. In total, more than 70,000 people were tried, and the ordinary prisoners of civil law had to be liberated to make room to incarcerate the pro-US prisoners.

President Erdoğan’s megalomania, his insane white palace, his rigging of the elections, and his all-round repression make him the ideal scape-goat for the errors committed in Syria. However, his resistance to a colour revolution and four assassination attempts suggest that it will not be possible to get rid of him so quickly.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is just as indispensable for the United States as Turkey, for three reasons – first of all, for its oil reserves, which are of exceptional quality and quantity, (although Washington no longer needs to use them, but only to control their sale), then for their financial reserves, (although these reserves have fallen by 70%), which enable the financing of secret operations sheltered from the control of Congress, and finally for its grip on the sources of jihadism. Indeed, since 1962 and the creation of the Muslim World League, Riyadh has been financing, on behalf of the CIA, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Naqshbandis, the two organisations which supply the total of all jihadist officers throughout the world.

However, the anachronistic character of this state, which is the private property of a royal family who are strangers to the commonly accepted principles of freedom of expression and religion, demanded radical changes.

The CIA therefore organised the succession of King Abdallah in January 2015. On the night of the sovereign’s death, the majority of the inefficient civil servants was relieved of its functions, and the country was reorganised according to a pre-established plan. From now on, the power is shared between three main clans – King Salmane (and his beloved son Prince Mohammed), the son of Prince Nayef (the other Prince Mohammed), and finally the son of the dead king (Prince Mutaib, commander of the National Guard).

In practise, King Salmane (81 years old) allows his son, the dashing Prince Mohammed (31 years old), to govern in his stead. Mohammed increased Saudi engagement against Syria, then launched the war against Yemen. Besides this, he also launched a vast programme of economic and social reforms corresponding to his «Vision for 2030».

Unfortunately, the results were not as glorious as expected - the kingdom is now bogged down in both Syria and Yemen. This last war has backfired, with incursions by the Houthis on Saudi territory and the defeat of his armies. From the economic point of view, the secured oil reserves are drawing down, and the defeat in Yemen prevents him from exploiting the «Empty Quarter», in other words the desert region which straddles both countries. The fall in oil prices has certainly enabled the elimination of a number of competitors, but it has also dried up the Saudi Treasury, which is now obliged to borrow on the international markets .

Saudi Arabia has never been so powerful and at the same time so fragile. Political repression reached a summit with the decapitation of the head of the opposition, sheikh Al-Nimr. The revolt is not only brewing among the Shia minority, but also in the Sunni provinces in the West of the country. On the international level, the Arab Coalition certainly looks impressive, but has been falling apart since the Egyptian retreat. The public rapprochement with Israël against Iran has raised an outcry in the Arab and Muslim world. Rather than the dawn of a new alliance, it illustrates the panic which has gripped the royal family, now universally hated.

Seen from Washington, the moment has come to choose the elements in Saudi Arabia that are worth saving, and to get rid of the others. Logic would require a return to the previous sharing of power between the Sudairis (but without Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has proved to be useless) and the Chamars (the tribe of deceased King Abdallah).

The best solution, for Washington and the Saudi subjects, would be for King Salmane to die. His son Mohammed would be isolated from power, which would be entrusted to the other Prince Mohammed (the son of Nayef). Prince Mutaib would conserve his position. This succession would be easier to manage for Washington if it occurred before the investiture of the next President, on 6 January 2017. The applicant would then charge the defunct king with the responsibility for all mistakes and announce peace in Syria and Yemen. This is the project currently occupying the CIA.

In Arabia, as in Turkey and other allied nations, the CIA is seeking to maintain the status quo. For that purpose, they are making do by organising attempts to change leaders without ever touching the structures themselves. The cosmetic character of these modification makes it easier to guarantee the invisibility of its work.

Moscow attempts to link the Middle East and Ukraine in negotiations

Russia has managed to link the Syrian and Yemeni battle-grounds. While its forces have been publicly deployed in the Levant for a year, they have been unofficially present in Yemen for three months, and are now actively participating in the combats. By simultaneously negotiating the cease-fire in Aleppo and Yemen, it has forced the United States to accept the linkage of these two theatres of operation. In both of these countries, its armies have showed their superiority in conventional equipment faced with the allies of the United States, while at the same time avoiding a direct confrontation with the Pentagon. This sidestepping prevents Moscow from investing in Iraq, despite its historical antecedents in this third country.

However, the origin of the quarrel between the two major powers is basically the blockage of the two Silk Roads – once in Syria, then again in Ukraine. Logically, Moscow is therefore trying to link these two dossiers in its negotiations with Washington. It is all the more logical in that the CIA has itself already created a link between the two battle-grounds via Turkey.

By going to Berlin, on 19 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, were hoping to convince Germany and France, if not the United States, to link these dossiers. Thus they exchanged the extension of the truce in Syria for the end of the Ukrainian blockage of the Minsk agreements. This bargain must irritate Washington, which will do everything in its power to sabotage it.

Of course, in the end, Berlin and London will align themselves with their NATO suzerain. But from Moscow’s point of view, a frozen conflict is better than a defeat (in Ukraine, as in Transnistria, for example), and everything which damages the unity of NATO anticipates the end of US supremacism.

Thierry Meyssan

Pete Kimberley

Russia is not the Aggressor

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