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Monday, February 6, 2017

Novarossia update 2/06/2017.. prepare for "protracted war"

'Ukraine is ready to start full scale bloody war' - TV Report

Poroshenko’s Support Is Collapsing - and His Lies Are Getting Bigger

'How to behave under Ukrainian fire?'

Putin: The Ukraine is Shaking Down the West with War

Poroshenko Tries to Force Trump’s Hand in Ukraine

...................I suspect Poroshenko feared his future could have been on the trading table. By that I mean not being able to have Western money shoveled into Ukraine’s economy for the oligarchs and corrupt government officials to steal. The IMF itself signaled a few months ago that the stalled reforms in Ukraine’s Rada, while aid money disappeared, were not something it would continue to support, a not too subtle warning.

Western media gave us its usual biased coverage, some of the silliest saying that Putin had initiated the Donbass fighting while Trump was “distracted” with his flurry of executive orders, by his cabinet not all being confirmed by Congress, and with a controversial immigration plan that was poorly executed, as was his first military ground action in Yemen with American losses.

Putin had nothing to gain from instigating fighting in Ukraine while preparing a summit with Trump. The claim was yellow journalism at its worst.

Poroshenko, on the other hand, had a lot of motivation to stir up the fighting now, as he knows his government has been subsidized as part of the US-EU-NATO sanctions scheme against Moscow. They were not able to snatch Russia’s Black Sea naval base to block its naval projection power into the Mediterranean and make the Baltic a NATO lake

France and Germany have also continued their sordid roll in the Ukraine coup. As guarantors of the Minsk2 agreement on Kiev’s behalf, they have done nothing to pressure Kiev to fulfill any of its obligations, and have gone even further off the rails by accusing Moscow of noncompliance itself..................... Mariupol 06/02/17 Military equipment in the Donbas

DPR Emergency Statement: Following Trump call, Poroshenko is preparing for total war

The deputy commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, stated at an emergency briefing in Donetsk last night that Poroshenko is preparing to unleash a full-scale war and reject the Minsk Agreements.

Basurin announced: “Following the talk between Poroshenko and Trump, Ukraine will in the near future cease to receive financial and military support for its terrorist operation in the land of Donbass. In connection with this, the Ukrainian president has fallen into complete despair and is ready to desperately commit to the most reckless action of unleashing a full-scale and bloody war in Eastern Europe.”

“All of this is needed in order to blame their crimes on the unrecognized republics and the Russian Federation and defraud the West of new funds in order to develop their business built on the blood of the ordinary Ukrainian people,” Basurin continued.

“The military-political command of Ukraine has refused to implement the Minsk Agreement on withdrawing heavy artillery from the contact line. On the contrary, it has carried out a build up of troop groupings.

“Our intelligence has confirmed the enemy’s activeness. In particular, we have recorded the concentration of enemy forces and means on the frontline for the purpose of creating a strike group.

Two Tochka-U tactical missile complexes have been moved from Kramatorsk to the territory of the Avdeevka Coke Plant. Another six Tochka-U’s have been unloaded at the train station in Novobakhmutovka…Two companies of nationalists headed by the ex-commander of Right Sector, D. Yarosh, have arrived in the area of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade. Units of the National Guard of Ukraine have arrived in the area of Volnovakha.”

The DPR deputy commander reported further: “Under the cover of night, while lighting up the Crimean front in an attempt to disguise their other activities, the transfer of an anti-tank artillery division from the 57th separate mechanized brigade is ongoing to reinforce the UAF’s mechanized brigades on the Donetsk and Mariupol fronts. In addition, the fact of the redeployment of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade in full force from the Kharkov region to the zone of Poroshenko's terrorist operation against the civilian population of Donbass, has been established. Three battalions from the nationalist Azov force have arrived from in Mariupol from Urzuf.”

Eduard Basurin concluded: “This information allows us to conclude that the UAF command, on the order of the military-political leadership of Ukraine, is preparing offensive combat operations across the entire contact line as well as sabotage against civil infrastructure, imitating the Nazis in 1941.

“In turn, our troops are ready to give the enemy a dignified rebuff and rout Kiev’s terrorist troops as before.”

Poroshenko deputy tells Ukrainians to prepare for "protracted war"

While live on the TV channel “Inter,” Sergey Kaplin, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, called on the Ukrainian population to prepare for a protracted war.

“Let’s resume preparations for the civil defense of our population. Today we should honestly tell our people that no Minsk Agreements, no negotiations, and no geopolitical shifts in the world will lead to a stabilization of the situation. We should learn to live in a state of war or semi-war for the next few years. The country should be prepared for these challenges,” Kaplin stated.

Kaplin was supported by international affairs analyst Aleksandr Sushko, who added: “We should honestly tell the people waiting who sincerely believe that the war could end and that normal life will return in six months - tell them that normal life will not return in the coming years, and maybe this extraordinary situation will continue for decades.”

Before his election in May 2014, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko promised to end the war in Donbass within two weeks.

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