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Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump update 3/17/2017..Trump Merkel White House meeting, no handshake

Merkel & Trump - He's Not That Into You...

Trump Welcomes German Chancellor Merkel

Trump Merkel White House meeting, no handshake

President Trump & Chancellor Merkel Joint News Conference

Nigel Farage: Trump, Merkel meeting is clash of cultures

Trump Tells Merkel: 'At Least We Have Something in Common' in nod to Obama's Wiretapping

Sean Spicer's fiery 10-min monologue on Trump’s wiretapping claims

GCHQ Says They Did NOT Help Obama "Wire Tap" Trump Tower! Calls Claim "Utterly Ridiculous"

Explosive! CNN Admits Obama Spied On Trump

Secret Service laptop with information on Trump, Clinton stolen

Winning the Culture War with President Trump: Survival Guide

Dobbs: The swamp that is our federal judiciary must be drained

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